Звезда «Мстителей» стал виновником паники в отеле
Frightened half-dressed guests hastily left the building.

Owen Wilson


Recently due to
Owen Wilson, star of the franchise “the Avengers”
and movies “Night at the Museum” and “Zoolander” were evacuated guests of the whole hotel. 49-year-old actor roughly
violated the rules of conduct in this place, which triggered the fire alarm.
And guests, many of whom have managed to go to sleep, ran out of their
rooms at the than necessary.

Owen, who came on business to Florida, stayed at the hotel Croydon. Later in the evening
he went down to the bar, where he had a date with an attractive blonde
a special in which reporters identified the friend of actor — actress Scarlett Benchley,.
Owen danced a bit with Scarlett, and then, after leaving the bar, decided
to smoke. He completely ignored the fact that, as the laws of the state of Florida,
and according to the rules of this hotel guest can smoke only in designated Smoking
this. Curious
Owen didn’t even think to repent of the offense. Since
photographed it at the time Smoking was not alone the testimony of witnesses
was not enough to penalize the actor.

according to eyewitnesses, “smoked” Wilson is not one company it was Benchley, with
whom he started Dating just over a year ago. Owen could never
to complain about the lack of attention to his person, from the beautiful ladies. Among
numerous bridesmaids Wilson, who has never been married,
were such celebrities as Sheryl crow, Gina Gershon, demi Moore and Kate Hudson. And
two of his lesser-known friends happy actor children. Jade
Duell gave him a son Robert, who is now seven years old. And three years later, another
the mistress of actor — Swede Caroline Lindqvist — bore him another son — Finn
recently celebrated its 4th birthday.