Беременна? Анна Седокова прокомментировала свое «интересное» положение
Pevica suspected that she is expecting a baby

Photo: Instagram

Anna Sedokova, around which and then there are rumors about the next replenishment of the family finally made an official statement. The singer came to the shooting of the program “test purchase” on the First channel, where obtenus apron his rounded tummy, “leaned” on the pickled tomatoes.

“Well, of course, now it’ll start talking about my pregnancy, told the star. But the truth is that I love eating. Especially pickled tomatoes!”

Actually, Anna, who last year gave birth to a third child, not so long ago said that she does not intend to stop at three children.

“Mother of many children and, honestly, the feeling that it has always been. The realization that you have another child that comes only when you count the kids and realize that you have them as much. But one thing is for sure: being a mother of three — is happiness. We definitely will not be staying,” admitted Sedokova.

The singer reveals the reason for his breakup with the father of a third child, but sincerely hopes that’ll meet your soulmate.

And yet her existence overshadows the fact that she is temporarily unable to communicate with his middle daughter Monica, who lives in America. In 2016, the artist told me that the mother of her ex-husband —Maxim Cherniavsky,set a goal to take the girl “under my wing”. Sedokova was then ready to fight for joint custody.

Apparently, now the grandmother of Monica put your plan into action. On the eve of Anna complained to friends in social networks that she is suffering in separation from her daughter and wants to reunite with her. But due to circumstances she can’t do it.