The star of “Major” Karina Razumovskaya told about the conflict with her mother

Звезда «Мажора» Карина Разумовская рассказала о конфликте с матерью The actress hasn’t talked to a relative in an important period of life. Karina remembered how the mother was hurt when a girl disobeyed her will and decided to link their fate with the acting profession.

      Звезда «Мажора» Карина Разумовская рассказала о конфликте с матерью

      In the TV series “Mazhor” the main female role was played by Karina Razumovskaya. The actress had to seriously try to be in the project team and to grow into the role of captain of the police Department of Victoria. In the second season’s character had to deal with the problems in the relationship with the family. Interestingly, in real life, this situation was familiar to her. According to 33-year-old star, her fate could have been completely different, because her mother was strongly opposed to her daughter becoming an actress.

      In childhood Karina said the Director of the Soviet film “Braking in heaven” Viktor Buturlin. The girl starred in one of the episodes. After that, it began to call in other films. “I worked with Roland Bykov, and with Kirill Lavrov, was even a member of the international children’s jury at the festival in the Czech Republic, and then everything is settled. Not the same was the situation in the country to shoot a movie. Mom was even happy that finally you can do languages, she always wanted me to learn to be a linguist,” said Karina.

      After a time, the Razumovsky lull in the work. In the 11th grade, when the girl had the choice of where to go to learn, she, without a moment’s hesitation, went to apply to College theater. According to Karina, this development is appreciated by all the members of her family.

      “Mom was upset and went to the cottage with the words “what is the profession of this, forever the window will dub,” and dad began to arrive – taught, prepared. And received,” recalls the star of the series “Major”.

      Karina said that the father helped her to rehearse the dialogues and learn the roles that we had to recite at admission before the examination Board. In the same period of time dad instilled in her a love of cooking. Now Razumovsky relax and rest, when cooking in the kitchen quiche or pasta.

      Despite a busy shooting schedule, she always tries to come in between them home to his native St. Petersburg. “Here is my land, my energy. When I come, for example, from the shooting, I step on the platform and feel immediately freer to breathe. A couple of times, of course, there were thoughts about moving, but never seriously. In General, I like to live in a few cities, to be somewhere anywhere between Crimea, Moscow, Tver – but only where movies are not removed! And then to return home, to family, to exhale and again to rush in the way,” said Karina