Lawyer Sergei Zhorin: “Video Dzhigurda drunk Anisina – provocation!”

Адвокат Сергей Жорин: «Видео Джигурды с пьяной Анисиной - провокация!» The lawyer explained that the clip featuring a drunk skater, placed in a social network, was filmed a long time ago. According to the representative of the law, the actor has been unfair to wife because he got her in a moment of weakness. Now Nikita does not want to peacefully resolve the issues.

      Адвокат Сергей Жорин: «Видео Джигурды с пьяной Анисиной - провокация!»

      The conflict between Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda continues to gain momentum. The known sportswoman has admitted that he was afraid of the spouse. In turn, the actor decided to abandon the idea to disperse peacefully with his wife, so he uploaded the video, which compromises the skater. In the short video, which is posted on the website of the chair, see how he accuses Marina of alcoholism.

      In this video Nikita admits that he is an addict just because he has to constantly see this home. Artist Anisina accuses of treason, since she kicked him out of the house. “I only recently learned that it is not from wine, but from the same psychotropic fluid that Marina poured, my one and only wedded wife and the Grand women began to happen aggressive attacks like this, captured on video,” said Dzhigurda in the signature to the roller.

      “StarHit” has contacted a lawyer Anisina Sergey Garinim to clarify the situation. According to the representative of the law, this video is old as the rock Opera “Perfume”, after which was featured in the movie was in 2015. At the moment Anisina and Dzhigurda live separately. Marina Anisina intends to evict Nikita Dzhigurda

      “As far as I know, this video was made after the chair arrived in Paris, I asked the Marina on his knees to forgive him. In the video that Nikita provocateur”, – said the Zhorin.

      Probably, the actor has caught the moment when the wife returned home after the Banquet on the occasion of the end of the show “Perfume” and decided to make a video. “Out of the chair, using the fact that the Marina where something was said, turned on the camera and did such a provocation that Marina allegedly often drink alcohol. This is complete nonsense!”, – the lawyer told.

      According to Gorina, it is impossible for the skater regularly abused alcohol as Anisina works with children, plays sports and is involved in major projects. Lawyer surprised that Nikita went to such dastardly acts.

      “The video they originally planned provocation, which can make any man if he’s a scoundrel, to a woman who trusts him. Instead of releasing the Marina, instead of to thank her for those moments of happiness that she gave him, and for the children Dzhigurda starts a war of compromising, and apparently he was preparing for this for a long time”, – explained Sergey.