The lead singer of IOWA: “the First time I was too shy to sing on the street”

Солистка группы IOWA: «Первое время я стеснялась петь на улице» The singer told how her path to glory. In recognition of the girl, she didn’t think her team would come so popular and for a long time could not believe what was happening. In an interview with “StarHit” Ekaterina ivanchikova told, as they are musicians looking for an opportunity to break through and remembered that the first audience for them were passers-by.

      Солистка группы IOWA: «Первое время я стеснялась петь на улице»

      On the eve of the presentation of the new album Import group IOWA, “StarHit” talked with the singer Catherine Ivanchikova, and asked about her first performances, the sense of fatigue and whether it plans to become a mother soon.

      Kate, you’re originally from Belarus, but for several years living in St. Petersburg. Do yourself a Petersburger or the city until it became for you native?
      Солистка группы IOWA: «Первое время я стеснялась петь на улице»We have Petersburg big love! There’s even a cloud in the sky greeted joyfully, and at the door meowing our cat. There’s a mom who knows that I’m coming and prepared something that I loved as a child. As soon as the Elevator doors open on my floor, the mood immediately improved. And, of course, all Peter and I have been associated with the place where my dream came true.—
      In November a new Studio album of the group, and on 18 November in the club “A2” will be a concert. Talk about what we hear? This is a new IOWA or will continue to stick to their musical line?
      Солистка группы IOWA: «Первое время я стеснялась петь на улице»Let’s start with the fact that the album cover will say that this is a continuation Export’a (first album – Approx. “StarHit”), and Yes, they are similar in style. This is the continuation of the IOWA, which was, but with a new sound. 18 Nov in “A2” of course we’ll play new songs, and many of them we already played our other concerts, you will not manage and without a concert favorite hits. —
      In your biography there is an interesting point – you came out and sang in the center of St. Petersburg. Is it hard so to get up and perform their songs in front of an audience?
      Солистка группы IOWA: «Первое время я стеснялась петь на улице»I experienced it myself: go where no one waiting for you, to give the music that nobody asked for. At first we were shy and clung with bongos and an acoustic guitar to the bench. After a couple of hours people began to stop, and on the third or fourth speech we have already learned listeners, this was our first regular contributor.

      As you are with the musicians themselves characterize your style?
      Солистка группы IOWA: «Первое время я стеснялась петь на улице»Everything has changed now, the boundaries are blurred in fashion, in music. Peter may have inspired me for the song of the new format. We have a drive and a sense of freedom on stage, and in the rest of the experimenting and move forward intuitively, enjoying the process. A couple of days ago I wrote a girl who was at our concert, she always only listened to rock, but the meaning and message of the songs was depressing her, and in us she found the combination of rock drive and catchy soft tunes on the positive, and that she’s happy. Well, then I’m happy!—
      IOWA is now one of the touring groups, but does not occur if you have a sense of fatigue, desire to quit?
      Солистка группы IOWA: «Первое время я стеснялась петь на улице»I got into a period of activity, the youth he comes from 25-40 when you’re building your career, when there is not enough time for friends. When you want to jump higher, become the best in the business, while busy every second, every minute. Yes, sometimes you just want to lie down and do nothing, watch movies under a treat, but then you understand that you do what you love and the energy is coming fast. In my case, after the buzz comes the update – you can see the result and realize that it can appeal to people. It gives you strength to move and do something.
      Do you think the secret to the success of the songs “Bus” and “Hit Bit”?
      Солистка группы IOWA: «Первое время я стеснялась петь на улице»Simpler songs than “Bus” and “Hit bits” can be done in today’s songs needs repeated words-the thoughts that people will listen to 85 times in a row. Every day we receive a huge amount of information, and the time is running faster. Modern communication can be reduced to a standard algorithm: photo, song, four words. This change, which you must adapt. Despite the seeming simplicity of the texts, each of them has a meaningful message that you want to read between the lines.—
      By and large, the group IOWA right now associated with you. A possible solo career Ivanchikova or you will not be able to throw guys?
      Солистка группы IOWA: «Первое время я стеснялась петь на улице»We held each other. The more tests we pass, the stronger unites us life. We have disablement. IOWA is changing, but stays with this sound with this composition and each team member is important. I wonder how changed the boys grew up, matured. I love them!

      You’re fond of fine art and now paint… There are serious plans on this?
      Солистка группы IOWA: «Первое время я стеснялась петь на улице»I love to paint with oils. Drawings, watercolors – very precise, yet ethereal, in a single layer, technology. And the oil put rough strokes, moving from dark colors to lighter. Working widely, from shoulder, giving vent to his soul, a hand, a head, create the form. My friend-an artist even thinking to open their own exhibition.—
      Through the year you will be 30 years. In Russia we have a lot of prejudice on the topic of women’s age and creating a family Plan… my husband and the birth of children?
      Солистка группы IOWA: «Первое время я стеснялась петь на улице»I believe that everything will come in due time.

      You admitted that you are “the poster desires.” And now on this list?
      The global plan is to stay in the hearts for a long time.