The leader of the group “Chizh & Co” Sergei Chigrakov was hospitalized

Лидер группы «Чиж & Co» Сергей Чиграков был госпитализирован The Director of the team said “StarHit” that the artist laid on the examination. Due to the fact that Sergei Chigrakov is in the walls of medical institutions, was cancelled the next two concerts with the participation of the musician.

      Лидер группы «Чиж & Co» Сергей Чиграков был госпитализирован

      Today in mass media there was information that in St. Petersburg was hospitalized 55-year-old leader of the group “Chizh & Co” Sergei Chigrakov. In this regard, was canceled the next performances by famous rockers. “StarHit” contacted the Director of the team Andrey Asadovym, which confirmed that the celebrity is being treated. According to the man, he can’t say anything specific about the condition Chigrakov. In the coming days musician examine and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

      “I confirm hospitalization Sergei, he lay on the examination. Anything more specific I can’t say. The coming concerts of the group, which was to be held 16 November in Chelyabinsk and 17 November in Tyumen, while transferred over the next three weeks – on 7 and 8 December. Other concerts we do not cancel”, – told the “StarHit” the Director of “Siskin & Co.” Andrew Asanov.

      We will remind also that on December 3 should be a big concert of the famous musicians in Moscow. It is planned that they will take the stage of the concert hall “Izvestiya Hall”. Earlier it was reported that for the first time in the group will have a new member – young Daria Chigrakov, the daughter of the founder of the team. The girl already has stage experience – she performed with their father on a large-scale festival “Invasion” this summer. In his interview, the girl admitted that he felt the support of a loved one and tried not to let him down.

      By the way, this year Sergei Chigrakov celebrated its anniversary. In February of this year Sergey Chigrakov is 55 years old. The man noted landmark date concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

      The group “Chizh & Co” was founded in the early 90-ies of vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Sergei Chigrakov. The first album was called “Crossroads”, it was released in 1994. A year later came the second album musicians – “About love”. Two songs there – “O k” and “About love” – then blew up the charts of the country.

      “Nothing to lose”, the latest album, was released in 1999. In one of his interviews Chigrakov talked about the fact that he recorded a new album. However, the music star took the time to show it to the public. The fact that Sergei was not satisfied with the quality of the plate, so he chose not to release it. It is unknown what became of this work, because the rocker even threatened to destroy it.