Andrey Kovalev has declassified secret family

Андрей Ковалев рассекретил тайную семью A long time artist and entrepreneur hid his personal life from the public. However, recently it became known that the beloved Kovalev 23 – year-old model Maria Bulgakova, who was born in Odessa and is going to become a lawyer. Beloved music stars gave birth to his charming heir to Nikita.

      Андрей Ковалев рассекретил тайную семью

      59-year-old singer Andrei Kovalev – catch. An artist not only writes songs but also organizes festivals and is a producer. Personal life Kovalev has long been a mystery. After parting with his wife Tatiana music star is not spread about their beloved. Recently, however, Andrew made an exception and told in the program of the First channel “About love” on 23-the summer civil wife who bore him a son. Not long ago, the celebrity family moved to a luxurious house Kovalev.

      Andrey Kovalev showed his mansion of the XVII century

      For three years, Kovalev is in a relationship with the young inhabitant of Odessa Maria Bulgakova. The age difference between the lovers is about 40 years. However, it does not bother neither the artist nor his young fiancee, who gave birth to the star son, Nikita. “I have the most intelligent and educated child,” – are genuinely proud of their heir Kovalev.

      According to Kovalev, he immediately distinguishes between girls who need from the man only money. “They Shine in the eyes, they are predators. It is impossible to hide, and it shows. Sooner or later she still blurts out,” – said Kovalev.

      “When mom found out that I’m Dating Andrew and I will have his baby, she probably was upset, but didn’t show it. We cried together, she supported me, said that everything will be fine,” said Maria Bulgakova.
      Андрей Ковалев рассекретил тайную семью

      Kovalev met with Maria, I was walking down the street. “She was very modestly dressed. That was clearly a good girl,” recalls the singer. Without much thought the artist has invited a nice young lady to star in his music video and also invited her to a karaoke club. The relationship of Andrew and Mary developed rapidly. Then Kovalev decided to by the Governor of new things. According to lady celebrity, he spent 500 dollars is decent for those times money. However, after Mary heard the offer to go with Andrew to the hotel, she disappeared.

      After some time, Kovalev has returned to Ukraine. Roman artist from Odessa twirled with new force. The pregnant girl was a pleasant surprise for Andrew. Now the artist doted in his heir. “For me it was a great feeling. Daughter because I already have, and every man dreams of the son”, – said Kovalev.

      Андрей Ковалев рассекретил тайную семью

      However, despite the seriousness of their relationship, the lovers are not in a hurry to issue them officially. While Maria dreams of a white dress and the ceremony, but finds a stamp in the passport formality. Sam Andrew joked that first sweetheart is waiting for a few children. Host of rose Sabitova and Sofiko Shevardnadze insisted on the fact that Kovalev made a beloved proposal in the air. But Bulgakov said that the way to marry does not want.

      “Mary, be my wife!” – said Andrei Kovalev in a recent issue of “About love”.
      Андрей Ковалев рассекретил тайную семью