A mother of two children Ksenia Borodina flashed a figure in a swimsuit

Мама двоих детей Ксения Бородина блеснула фигурой в купальнике TV presenter together with the family resting in the UAE. For the youngest daughter Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov this trip was the first long journey. Children and parents spend a lot of time on the beach, as they were very lucky with the weather.

      Ksenia Borodina together with the family is vacationing in Dubai, which remains Sunny weather, and the water in the Persian Gulf you can swim all day and all night. Children, daughters Mary and Theon and son Kurban Omar love this pastime. The parents threw a great vacation heirs.

      Xenia shows great figure in a swimsuit. The star of the reality show “Dom-2” have shared in the microblog picture with friends. Women’s bounce high above the beach, and in the background you can see a local landmark, the tower of the famous hotel and restaurant of Burj El Arab. “Five minutes, normal flight”, signed funny the Borodin.

      Subscribers presenter noted that she looks good for a woman who gave birth to two children. Her figure is still trim and slim. “Girls, you are super!”, “Such a slim, slender, nice Breasts”, “Class-like”, “As always divine,” “What are perky! Great photo!”, – wrote fans Borodina.

      By the way, the number of subscribers Ksenia Borodina reached nearly seven million users. The presenter thanked the people for their support and continues to delight them with bright images and short video featuring members of his family.

      “I love those who truly good wants me to be happy, happy for me, like those who are just silently watching, who cares, calm, good word write, thank you, I you all feel!”, – said the star.

      Users of the social network are glad that the trip was all adjusted in relationship with spouse Kurban Omarov, who have experienced a crisis in relations this summer. Still, their family is an example to follow. They are not shy to show again, how happy with each other.

      “The fact that there are those who like to spoil the life of others with their gossip and intrigue. It so happened that at the time of our Kurban lapping such people were in the area. Wedding, pregnancy, birth of a child – we have it all happened very quickly, we don’t even really have time to be with each other. Of course, something was to blame us, but, thank God, found the strength to understand what is happening, to understand that we love each other, and move on. The most important lesson for us was the understanding that happiness is still love peace,” said Borodin in an interview.