Rose Sabitova told about the feelings of the Cord to it

Роза Сябитова рассказала о чувствах Шнура к ней

Sergey Shnurov not so long ago debuted as the host of the show “About love”. The appearance on television, the fans were not too pleased. Many agreed that the Cord – artist much better than Cord of the presenter.

Apparently, given the public reaction to the participation of Sergey in the show, the producers decided on an experiment and replaced the Cord with a matchmaker in Russia Rose Sabitova. In assistant, rose gave Sofiko Shevardnadze.

“We’ll try to alternate, explained Sabitova press – has recorded several releases without Sergei, where I worked with Sofiko. I like her beauty, erudition”.

Rose says that paired with Sofiko her work easy and comfortable, but with Sergei, they had a great tandem. According to Sabitova, she was amazed at what feelings actually feels for her the leader of the group “Leningrad”.

“Sergei from a very good family, he’s well educated, has a subtle sense of humor, says rose. His history on the stage and the role of foul-mouthed is not close to me, but it’s only an image. In life, Sergei is quite another – gallant, intelligent. In this project, he treats me like a tether belt which will always help from the most difficult situations to get out of, relates both to the prompter, which you can see if you have forgotten the text. I’m even embarrassed of his feelings to me in such a respectful, trusting, reverent. We are not friends, because it is very different, but we communicate well”.