Звезда «Кухни» Никита Тарасов узаконил отношения с избранницей The famous actor shared some important event with fans. Nikita Tarasov married his girlfriend Marina Gavryushina. Painting lovers passed in a narrow circle of relatives and friends. Lovers accept congratulations from friends and acquaintances.
Звезда «Кухни» Никита Тарасов узаконил отношения с избранницей

37-year-old performer of the role of pastry chef Louis in the series “Kitchen” Nikita Tarasov is not available anymore. The relationship of the artist with his 26-year-old darling of the Marina Gavryushina moved to a new level. Lovers have registered their marriage in a Moscow registry office. The important event was attended by only close pairs, including the father of the actor, the musician Boris Tarasov.

The bride of the artist was dressed in an outfit of bright color. The image of the Marina complements the delicate makeup, could not be more suitable for this event. Her partner chose the classic style of clothing, wearing a suit of bright blue in combination with light jacket. In Instagram Nikita appeared a picture taken in a special day. Talking about an important event, the man was concise. Tarasov chose not to go into details to protect privacy from unwanted attention.

“Signed”, – said Nikita, accompanied the publication with the hashtag “family”.
Звезда «Кухни» Никита Тарасов узаконил отношения с избранницей

Members of the actor congratulated him on his change in marital status. According to many, Nikita and Marina look great together. Followers of the actor also wished the newlyweds many years of marriage. “Cool”, “Hooray! Wish you happiness and love for years to come”, “Send a million likes! Very cool”, “good luck”, “Very happy for you, all the best! Always enjoy your work, whether it be “Kitchen” or “Battle for Sevastopol”, “Beautiful couple,” “family is the most wonderful thing in our lives”, “he Who seeks will always find” – discussed the users of social networks.

Earlier in an interview, Nikita Tarasov has shed light on personal life. Popular actor openly spoke about how his heart is occupied. However, the artist chose not to reveal details, only gave to understand that he is very serious. Moreover, the man suggested that will soon cease to be a bachelor, so the news about the wedding Tarasova was not a surprise to his fans.

During the conversation with reporters Nikita said that he does not consider it necessary to announce my novel and to invite journalists to the wedding. Tarasov also added, that in any relationship in harmony.

By the way, the famous actor did not hide the bride from the public. Nikita Tarasov and Marina Gavryushina together visited one of the social events of the festival. The couple willingly posed for photographers, but their feelings did not extend.