Ольга Картункова ответила на обвинения в анорексии The Joker told about how the fans embraced it changes in appearance. After the phenomenal weight loss Olga Bartunkova, many believed that she had driven themselves to eating disorders. The actress of the TV series “Once in Russia” responded to the words of detractors.
Ольга Картункова ответила на обвинения в анорексии

The captain of KVN “Pyatigorsk” Olga Bartunkova amazes fans with his transformation. Four years ago, the Joker took part in the project “grow thin with “StarHit” to get rid of excess weight. However, she was unable to achieve his goal due to a leg injury. Later star of the TV series “Once in Russia” returned to the diet and lost 84 pounds.

Some fans felt that Olga is on the verge of exhaustion. They were worried Bartunkova bring yourself to anorexia. The woman confessed: because of her phenomenal weight loss in the Internet began to appear different rumors about the methods of struggle with excess weight.

“I even wrote a post about the fact that it was all a hoax, that we should go to the doctors, the nutritionists, and the magic drops, Sliema etc is not working. It is necessary to hit the ceiling, it is necessary for something to be offended, disappointed, and then prove to everyone and myself that anything is possible differently. Me now friends jokingly called Benjamin Button, because my life seemed to have turned back the clock. So, no, I’m not sick,” admitted Olga.

The actress admits that after losing weight she began to catch yourself admiring glances of men. She was flattered that she could wear things that previously could not afford. However, it is necessary to constantly monitor themselves – to control the power and largely refuse.

“Men used to you not going anywhere that you do not need anyone but them. And then new things that you never risked to put on, attention…Immediately a sense of ownership exposed. But I don’t make a scene of jealousy, on the contrary, said that everything is fine,” says the Joker.

Now Olga is afraid to remember what was a few years ago to lose weight. She looks at old photos. Bartunkova also notes that after she lost weight, she began to improve the health and General condition. The star of “Once in Russia” admitted in an interview with “OK!” got rid of bad habits – Smoking.

“I’m not saying that now, just like the girl, no. And there are still problems that medical treatment. But I now shudder to look at old photos and girlfriends say, “You sheep do brazen? You that I never said I was a freak? You why I never said I was a crocodile?” Eye no sponge has gone somewhere, hair is constantly sweaty, constantly on the scene wipes”, – says Olga.