Жених Алены Водонаевой объяснил, почему торопится со свадьбой The lovers talked about their relationship and preparing for the big event, which will take place very soon. Elect Alena Vodonaevoy also explained why he proposed the second half, and that for him means marriage.

TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva preparing for the wedding with Alexey Komov, better known as DJ Kosinus. The lovers have already submitted an application to the Registrar, and the ceremony will be held in September in St. Petersburg. Now the pair lives in two cities, constantly moving between Moscow and cultural capital. Recently Alena and Alex gave the first joint interview to the glossy publication, which talked about their relationship and future triumph.

According to young people, at first they plan to celebrate together, and then arrange gala dinner with her parents and son leading Bogdan.

“The sacrament of marriage must still be a bit of a mystery, with wacky competitions it is impossible. I want to be with Alex,” says Alain.

Vodonaeva and com shared that familiar for four years, but began Dating three months ago. Alex admitted that it took him five weeks to do the second half. “Meeting the right person and want to spend my life with him,” said the musician. DJ also explained why the stamp in the passport matters to him.

“Alena has a son Bogdan from a previous marriage, he’s seven years old – the age when they just formed the attitude to family values. He should understand that when people love each other, they take responsibility. (…) It is fashionable to consider marriage an outdated ritual, but actually the person to a healthy and harmonious existence of the necessary rituals and the desired mode. The stamp in the passport is a ritual of married life – a mode. It’s cool, it’s Mature, it means you’re ready to be responsible not like, and always,” says Alexei.

As told TV presenter, her son gets along well with the groom. Between Alex and Bogdan established friendly relations, and they are happy to spend time with each other. “We’re having forced marches in all the sights, walk together with Bogdan on long walks and in the cultural campaign”, – said Alena. Moreover, the chosen celebrity to help her with the upbringing of the child, writes the magazine “abakay”.

Recall that for the first time about the affair Alena Vodonaevoy with the St. Petersburg DJ and ideologist of the Wellness project by Alexey Komov became known in may. Then the users of social networks noticed that she often puts pictures of the musician. Later the pair appeared on the premium glossy magazine, confirming the speculation of the public. All night the lovers did not hide their feelings for each other. Love in two cities: the details of the new novel, Alena Vodonaevoy