Звезда «Дома-2» женится на девушке в два раза моложе его
Andrey Chuev has applied to the Registrar.

Andrey Chuev with the bride Victoria

Andrey Chuev, with the scandal left the project “House-2” after
the rupture of relations with Marina Afrikantov, “build love” outside the perimeter
the popular reality show. The man decided to tie the fate of a girl Victoria
who is more than his twice — Vick only 19 years old.

The other day lovers,
which meet just under a year, filed an application to the Registrar. The exact date
wedding unknown — he decided to keep the intrigue, and along the way to hold a competition
among its fans, promising a cash prize to those who correctly guess not
only the date, and exact time of the coming marriage.

Recall from the Marina Afrikantov star “House-2”
broke up in late February. After a few months after love drama Andrew
introduced a new beloved. Chuev admitted that immediately fell in love with a young
beauty. In August of this year, he assured fans that his intentions
regarding Victoria is very serious and, most likely, business will end with wedding.
Which is what happened.