6-месячная дочка Полины Гагариной произнесла первое слово
The husband of the singer Dmitry Iskhakov admitted that he is happy.

Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov

Daughter Polina
Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov MIA, who is now six and a half months, for the first time
said the word “dad”. This wife told Vadim Wernick in an interview
the magazine “OK”.

“I am absolutely
happy — shared dmiri. — It’s very cool.”

“Dima every
day she repeated like a mantra: “I’m the daddy, daddy, daddy” — said Pauline. — So
today, my daughter just out of despair uttered this word.”

Gagarin also
I remembered how, being pregnant, wanted to hurry back to the stage, and that
today has changed.

“Here is
business… — says the singer. — Sit a couple of days and you have ten artists
bypassed. All breathing down my neck. Olympus small, need to keep their finger on the pulse.
(Laughs.) Tell it like it is-so I hatched a pregnant what you wanted right
from the hospital to start any gig. As a result, all turned out
on the contrary. When Miura was born, everyone was very scared because I
turned straight into the real play mother hen. I never left the house.
Mom always kicked me out, saying, “Come at least ten minutes, at least air
get some”. I answered: “No, I better stand on the balcony”. Didn’t want to part with her daughter. I
was scared, I was crying. It seemed to me that if I though for a minute it will break up
the world will collapse. And I began then to think: all right, abandon a singing career”.