ВИДЕО: Равшана Куркова объяснила, почему проплакала 40 дней
The actress believes that this period in my life taught her courage, and the Buddhist calm.

ВИДЕО: Равшана Куркова объяснила, почему проплакала 40 дней

Ravshana Kurkova

Photo: Alexander Camber

In the new drama series “Cruel world of men”
First channel, the shooting has come to an end, ravshana Kurkova
played the role of Kira Arefieva — woman with steel character. Once
a successful financial analyst, she was faced with a series of terrible betrayals
from the men who used to trust. Overnight she lost everything:
work, money, trust of colleagues — but not the confidence. In her
mind Matures cunning plan before the shy and gullible Kira goes on
warpath to punish the traitors, to save his honour and reputation. “For three
months of these shots, I loose the mind — so heavy this role” —
says the actress. In each of the 12 episodes of “the Cruel world of men,” the viewer will find
unexpected twists and new amazing Scam, secrets and revelations.

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“This role was challenging both physically and emotionally — told
Ravshana Kurkova. — I have calculated that of the 43 crew shifts I didn’t cry only three!
In order to be in good shape on the court, I had these three months to comply with a Spartan discipline and a fully
to abandon any of the parties. But this role has taught me courage and Buddhist
calm, but at the same time — to understand the world of numbers and understand financial schemes. Now
when I find myself in a difficult situation, I tell myself, but Cyrus Arefyeva
here would not be limp! My problems compared to her seem just
kindergarten. However, many of my friends have gone through similar:
financial scams have had to face many who was engaged in business in
the late 90s and early 2000s”.

“We even went to the company “Finam” and consulted
economists, watched how
brokers. I really respect this team for what they require full commitment and
of professionalism”, — says preparations for the shooting partner Kurkovas Alexander
Konstantinov. His hero, the most gentle and conscientious of cheaters Igor Dymov
meet the revenge of Kira one of the last.
Along with Kurkovas they had filmed the show “One night of love”, nominated
at the prestigious American Emmy award.

Ravshana Kurkova, Jemal, Tetruashvili

Photo: Alexander Camber

“We had a huge casting for every role, but
the performer of the role of Kira Arefieva we were looking for especially long — describes
the preparation of the project producer Anastasia Kavanewsky (“Stories”). – Participation
Ravshan we discussed from the beginning, and tests showed that this selection we
wrong. Today I think no one would epitomize the image of Kira Arefieva
better — Ravshan it looks very naturally and organically. Including
thanks to her we managed to make the show really fresh and
emotional, to avoid genre clichés. Generally very hard to determine
the genre of the “Cruel world of men.” Love drama, detective, adventure, adventure
all intertwined in the life of Kira Arefieva”.

The series also starred Sergei Chonishvili, Igor Vernik, Alexander
Makogon and Jemal, Tetruashvili. The desire to revenge on their offenders, the heroine
Ravshan Kursovoy knows no boundaries: from Russia,the action moved to London,
Switzerland and the Greek Islands. The last two locations were filmed in the South – in
Sochi, including in the area of ski resort “Rosa Khutor”. But the main
the shooting took place in Moscow.