Жена Гарика Мартиросяна призналась в «наркотической зависимости»
Janna Levin-Martirosyan struggling with the disease for 20 years.

Photo: Instagram

The wife of Garik Martirosyan Janna is a very happy lady. In social networks it is so popular that can even rival in fame with her husband-the humorist. Her followers have long understood why he fell in love with Jeanne: for its originality and sense of humor.

The other day the wife Martirosyan stunned followers with sincere appreciation: it is dependent on the drug. However, the role of illicit substances in her speech played… Armenian grapes! It is so delicious that Joan can’t resist him, and she shared a recipe for how not to become addicted to this fruit.

“Be careful! Armenian grapes are addictive!!! — she wrote. — If the market you will approach a brunette with a prominent nose, an invincible charm of a velvet accent to offer you to try the free selected grapes don’t fall! This brutal charismatic dealer. His task is to get you in on this terribly tasty product. Pull yourself together and run towards the Chinese and Turkish fruit. It’s safer there! But if you’re a chronic sweet tooth, and couldn’t resist to the pressure Armenina, all of your addiction. Believe me, I can talk about it, because she lived it. For 20 years to fight this disease! Good thing I support my family. At home on the table there is always a dose of Armenian grapes”.

I wonder what Jeanne called a period of 20 years, coincides with the number of years lived together with Garik. Really wasn’t in her case Martirosyan the brunette with a prominent nose and invincible charm, who “hooked” her on this sweet drug? This history is silent. We only know that this year went of the third a dozen from the date of meeting of Gary and Jeanne, and next year they will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their relationship.