The star of “House-2” Mexico plunged into shock and grief after the betrayal

Звезда «Дома-2» Мексика впала в отчаяние после измены Participant of the reality show could not stop crying for several days. The girl confessed that she was very difficult, so she even lost contact with their parents. According to Mexico, now she is afraid to fall in love.

      Many participants reality show “Dom-2” does not hide the fact that they are repeatedly faced with the betrayal of loved ones. Star telestroke Mexico decided to tell the fans about how hard it was for her after a breakup with a lover. According to the girl, she confronted him about infidelity.

      After participating in the project “Island of love” spectacular brunette returned to Moscow and met a young man who managed to quickly win her heart. Mexico was convinced that I had found the perfect relationship, but the chosen one cheated on her.

      “You can’t imagine how grateful I am to him that at 22 I felt on my own skin the meaning of the word “treason.” Now I can confidently say that this is the worst thing that can worry the girl in the relationship! I won’t lie and exaggerate, probably not even in the contract, but exactly a week 24 hours a day, I was lying in bed in tears, I didn’t want anyone to see and hear exactly seven days I used to drop calls parents… So empty and useless I feel! Of course, I understand perfectly that will survive, but it’s so hard, I could not imagine! Don’t know how, but I managed to get out of this state,” shared revelations participant of the reality show.

      Having such a sad experience, Mexico has become very wary of men, to again pain. According to the model, she wants to meet the chosen one, next to which will not be afraid to seem weak. “I don’t know what should happen, so I believe again, hugged and said I love! Love is beautiful when it is mutual! At the moment, the relationship for me – a deep dive into which I’m not going!” – explained the member of telestroke.

      Members supported the model kind words and wished her to be happy. “Don’t worry. Difficult course, but in reality these betrayals will be many more”, “it’s Disgusting when a man betrays. Physically sick and disgusted. And some more time will be nauseated by them”, “Everyone goes in life through pain and betrayal,” said the followers.

      Photos of the stars “House-2” of Mexico before plastic shocked fans

      Recall that after the TV show “love Island” Mexico met with Zagajnovym. However, after some time, the couple broke up. Fans never found out why the participants of the reality show ended the relationship, because they seemed so happy with each other. Evil tongues say that Mexico was the wrong 32-year-old chosen one.