Alla Pugacheva about the wedding of his grandson: “Alain would be a good wife”

Алла Пугачева о свадьбе внука: «Алена будет хорошей женой» Diva is preparing for the upcoming wedding of Nikita Presnyakov. According to the pop stars, she’ll be glad to help his bride to buy an outfit for the celebration. Alla completely endorses the choice of a young man.

      Алла Пугачева о свадьбе внука: «Алена будет хорошей женой»

      The family Diva is planned celebration: Nikita Presnyakov made an offer Alena Krasnova. On the day of the 20th anniversary of the girl for a surprise – balloons, bouquets of flowers, friends and a gorgeous ring from Nikita. They meet in 2014, lovers have been living together in an apartment in the center of Moscow, and the summer holidays spend in the house of his grandmother in Istria. Girl fully shared Hobbies Presnyakov Jr., supports in everything. Guys undoubtedly fit each other, as it turned out, Allen is also listening exclusively to rock music and accompanies the groom at all concerts and performances, and in their spare time they love to ride in the Park on a skateboard. Alla welcomed the choice of a grandson.

      Nikita Presnyakov made an offer Alena Krasnova

      “Alain, I really like it! – said Pugacheva with “StarHit”. She is a very sweet girl, perfect, Nikita, I think, will be a good wife.”

      The pair still keeps secret the exact date and place of the ceremony. But one thing is clear: ahead of the bride and groom will find a lot of wedding chores. So Alla Borisovna admitted that is happy to help a future cousin to choose a wedding image and pick shoes that will show off the girls legs in the most thrilling day. Because for the past several years, the Diva along with the brand name “Econika” creates an exquisite collection of footwear. Alla Pugacheva had a lesson in style for the Moscow Bohemia

      “If she asks me, we will go and she will pick, – continues Alla. – Perhaps the shoes are from my line, and why not? They are very beautiful and comfortable.”

      The Diva herself is a little advice stylist: Lisa, the successor of Alla Borisovna and Maxim Galkin, in his 3 year knows how to dress up like a real Queen.

      “She’s a fashionista. Always chooses herself that will wear and how it will look, says Pugachev. Even more to say, she tells me what to wear and what jewelry to pick up”.