Pregnant Anna Sedokova hinted at marriage

Беременная Анна Седокова намекнула на замужество The singer informed fans of good news. According to Anna Sedokova, she intends to return to work on television. In addition, the celebrity has hinted that he intends to change his marital status. Fans began to wish the actress luck in personal life.

      In February, the singer Anna Sedokova declassified her pregnancy. The actress admitted that plans to become a mother for the third time. Fans immediately began to congratulate the star with the future baby. And not so long ago the singer and shared the joyous news. According to celebrity, she plans to resume work on television. Anna also hinted at another, not less important event. She made it clear that he had received an offer which could not refuse. Details of future changes Sedokova yet chose not to share, believing that happiness loves silence.

      Anna Sedokova revealed the sex of the baby

      “And I forgot to kiss you into a new week. Here. We have it will be cool! I have some news. I’ve made an offer I couldn’t refuse. First, I’m going back on TV. Love it, can’t… And secondly, I still have to change the status of a free girls. Love it, can’t… And specifically if… Life is amazing and so incredible! Love her, can’t,” said the star.

      Fans of the singer decided that she is going to change their marital status. They immediately began to congratulate her with the wedding and to wish happiness in his personal life. “Marry?”, “I’m so happy for you,” “good news, hurrah!” “You deserve this,” “Honey, even if you turned out! Love you,” “feels Good when it’s good, Great start to the week and a new stage in life”, “wow. We are waiting for details,” was discussed by the fans of the stars.

      By the way, before Anna Sedokova has presented a very personal and heartfelt video for the song “First love”, which managed to gain over two million views on YouTube. As the video was directed by the artist herself. The video also includes excerpts from the debut picture of celebrity. “It doesn’t matter when you met your true feeling, you should not listen to others, listen to their past, sometimes not even need to believe their eyes. Just to feel …” – with these words the singer commented on the long-awaited premiere.

      Note also that the star keeps in secret the name of its second half. However, fans believe that the heart of the performer busy. Anna regularly shares photos luxury bouquets in social networks and refers to them to the sender with the help of the microblog. “I love you too,” – said recently the actress, showing off a gift from a loved one.