The star of “House-2” Mexico is suffering after infidelity favorite

Звезда «Дома-2» Мексика страдает после измены любимого The girl openly talked about their feelings and personal life. According to Marina of Mexico, her ex-boyfriend twisted new novel. Beauty is outraged that the boy is comforted in the arms of another a week after their breakup.

      Звезда «Дома-2» Мексика страдает после измены любимого

      More recently, the star of “House-2” Marina Cherkasova, better known as Mexico, looked very happy in a relationship with a mysterious lover. In his microblog girl posted photos with the chosen one. It seemed that young people were made for each other. However, after some time the guy disappeared from “Instagram” in Mexico, and Marina herself decided on plastic surgery and dyed her hair. Fans beauty wondered what caused such a radical change in her appearance.

      The star of “House-2” Mexico decided to undergo plastic surgery. PHOTO

      Recently, it became clear that Mexico decided to start a new life. In conversation with reporters, she admitted that she feels pain after a breakup. Mexico openly talked about their experiences and about what disturbs her the most. The star of “House-2” suffers from the fact that her ex young man found solace in the arms of another. She didn’t understand why the young man quickly forgotten, since their separation was only a week.

      “We always have something to talk about, common themes were quickly. And despite his young age, Mike was considered, could give some advice… I am now so bad I can’t convey in words. You know, despite the fact that we were together for a month – I can confidently say that in my life this has never happened before. I thought this man is very dear to me. I feel really overwhelmed. One can’t understand how you can talk about love, and then so quickly to keep out another person? Or these are forced measures to quickly forget me?” – confessed beauty.

      Recall that at the moment the Marina Mexico is recovering after rhinoplasty, which decided at the end of last year. The reality star spent her new nose 350 thousand rubles. Operation Mexico made famous surgeon Hayk Babayan, correct the shortcomings of many members of telestroke. “What’s wrong with that girl wants to improve? And that doesn’t mean she thinks she’s terrible or some sort… I’m not afraid to go under the knife, and especially to the Nut, I’ve always loved changes, especially because it was my dream since seventh grade” with these words she replied to the critical comments of users of social networks.

      By the way, in one of the other posts, the girl admitted that plans to do the surgery for breast augmentation. So very soon she will again have to postpone surgery, writes