A sequel to “War of the worlds Z” with brad pitt is cancelled

Сиквел «Войны миров Z» с Брэдом Питтом отменен

In 2013 premiered the post-apocalyptic Thriller with brad pitt – “world War Z”. The film was shot by Director Marc Forster based on the novel by max Brooks. For the implementation of the project was spent 190 million dollars. In hire the film has managed “to beat off” the money. The total profit amounted to more than $ 540 million. Such measures have allowed the producers to think about the sequel. It was soon announced that the sequel will take place and most likely “world War Z” will turn into a trilogy.

Premiere Thriller continuation was scheduled for the summer of this year, but today it became known that it will not happen, because the film never started. And all because Paramount pictures has officially cancelled the sequel, because the story of how humanity managed to overcome the zombie epidemic, we did not know.

Critics suggest that not the last role in the cancellation of the sequel, played by brad pitt. His story of divorce with Angelina Jolie became a hindrance to the commercial success of the film, Robert Zemeckis’s “Allies”. A repeat of that situation, afraid and bosses Paramount.

It is not excluded that in the future the producers will return to the idea of making a sequel to “world War Z”. As you think, whether it is appropriate will in a few years?

Previously, brad pitt refused to pay child support angelina Jolie.