The star of “House-2” Gleb Zhemchugov in jail

Звезда «Дома-2» Глеб Жемчугов загремел в тюрьму Ex-member of telestroke nicknamed “Strawberry” had an accident. According to preliminary data, Gleb Zhemchugov drove through the night Moscow in a drunken state. Announced that Pearls rammed several cars.
Звезда «Дома-2» Глеб Жемчугов загремел в тюрьму

About a month ago, Pearls were bragging in the social media buying new cars and the fact that not so long ago passed on the right.

And he’s involved in serious accidents… According to the preliminary version, “Strawberry”, sitting behind the wheel of his vehicle, rammed several parked at the curb machines. As it became known to journalists, the ex-participant of the TV project was supposed to come on the show “Dom-2. Analysis”, however, until the set never got.

Pearl confessed to fans in social networks, which gets a lot of pleasure from driving. “For the first time on his swallow on the sink. Just realized what a thrill to have a car to manage it, listen to the engine sound like the voice of a brother. I had to pass on the right… Cheers! Now I’m a driver” – shared Gleb on Instagram. Note that for several years the Pearls periodically drove the car, but without a license.

According to TV channel “Ren TV”, Gleb Zhemchugov found guilty of committing an administrative offense. “Strawberry” was arrested for ten days for driving in an alcohol intoxication.