Friends of the deceased participant “House-2”: “Mary did not want to die – only to scare planned”

Знакомые погибшей участницы «Дома-2»: «Маша не хотела умирать – только испугать планировала» Friends of Maria Natalia Politov still don’t know where and when she will be buried. Now they collect money for the burial and delivering them to her poor parents. Resent: on the death of Masha PR even the heroes of the reality show, which in recent years have preferred her not to say Hello.

4 Dec Maria Politova left the house in the center of Moscow, taking with them their potent anti-depressants, and never went back.

Husband disappeared participants “House-2”: “Mary took from the house the potent pills”

About the disappearance of the girl after a couple of days in social networks reported her husband Artem. To search actively joined the public organization “Lisa Alert” and not very active police officers.

According to one version, Masha, taking out a Bank loan, went out to his former lover in one of the prisons in Murmansk region, where he is now serving his sentence. But all this was only speculation journalists…

The body of Natalia Politov found on 13 December in the summer cottage that belongs to her grandmother (earlier it was reported that the grandfather), in the village Zagoryansky Schelkovo district, Moscow region. Whether mixed the drugs with alcohol, or frozen from sub-zero temperatures, or all together…

It is known that the former participant of “House-2” has suffered from bipolar disorder. But what exactly happened on December 4 – will be explored by the investigators. And while the disappearance and death of 30-year-old girl shrouded in mystery.

Missing former participant “Houses-2” Maria Politova was found dead

As shrouded in mystery and the relationship of Natalia Politov with relatives. According to friends Mary, now they are family, not contacted. Do not take the phone, even when calls Tom, to learn about the time and place of the funeral.

“Masha had a difficult relationship with her mother and grandmother – says “StarHit” friend of Natalia Politov, who asked not to name her name – father – no. Masha told me that she has a sister or a twin, or twins. I was asked several times to show the picture cousin, but she always refused”.

According to friends, the girl never had an affair with a convicted felon. “It is a very long time with Artem – categorical friend, and he was ready to propose to her… Not yet. And she had six suicide attempts. There were two, the last one two years ago. I doubt whether she intended to go to the end…”

All this, says a friend, due to the strained relations in the family Paletowych: “Mary felt unloved as a child. And this – all her complexes. Grandma Tolstoy called him, Mary on this occasion was very worried. And three years ago, Politova took a rescue cat. What people said, go with him wherever you want. She went – took a room for 15 thousand rubles, while in the beauty salon not more than 17 thousand. But, more importantly, the cat did not quit”.

Friend is sure that Maria and the “House-2” I went just because I wanted to forget, their lives change.

“In “House-2″ she can say, escaped. Alena Vodonaeva, by the way, knew about the situation in the family, Masha. Therefore, once even wanted to leave the project instead – if only Mary had not returned home.”

Friends of Natalia Politov agree Maria and this time did not want to die, except that planned to scare a little, so to speak, to attract attention. To this end, and went to the cottage to her grandmother.

“It is strange that your parents didn’t tell the search engines about the cottage. Rather, he said, but the 13th, the day when Natalia Politov found”.

Forgotten participants “House-2”: what is remembered and where are they now

Now friends of Mary trying to raise money for the funeral. “The family is not rich, it is unlikely to have sufficient funds. Collect as many as we can. I think there are caring people who respond to our request for assistance, – says the familiar. And wonder, – When Mary was alive, with her former members of “House-2″ do not even say Hello. And now – right and left giving interviews. It’s a shame that remembered her only after her death.”