Wife of Ivan Krasko revealed the truth about his health problems

Жена Ивана Краско раскрыла правду о его проблемах со здоровьем The choice of the artist commented on the rumors that he was blind. Fans of Ivan Krasko was not a little alarmed by the information about the deterioration of the artist. In a recent interview with his wife Natalia has shed light on the speculation of the public.
Жена Ивана Краско раскрыла правду о его проблемах со здоровьем

Some time ago in mass media there was information that Ivan Krasko serious health problems. Journalists wrote that the people’s artist almost completely blind, so appears in public in dark glasses.

But later it turned out that this information is not true. As the wife of Ivan Ivanovich Natalia, he can’t see well, but can still cope without assistance. According to the wife Krasko, the actor is not experiencing difficulties with orientation in space because of vision problems.

“Come on the scene, well pours himself a shot of vodka without spilling almost never! Something he because of poor eyesight: it is difficult to dial the phone, read the script (I read it out loud), view menu…” – said Natalia.
Жена Ивана Краско раскрыла правду о его проблемах со здоровьем

The wife of Ivan Ivanovich added that he always tries to maintain it. When a famous actor wants care, Natalie tries to prove it.

“Here we go, say, “Peregrine”, I tell him bun out of the package, if he himself will not work. But first they say: “Try it yourself”. If this doesn’t help. He knows my position: I’m not the first married and I understand that to be led is not necessary. He’ll get what someone will do everything for him, and forget about the simple things,” shared the wife of a famous actor.
Жена Ивана Краско раскрыла правду о его проблемах со здоровьем

“He’s blind as a bat” jokes Natalia about the famous husband to his stump. Ivan was sympathetic to the couple of humor and are not offended by it. Every morning the actor pleases her with nice surprises – prepares the coffee and brings to bed.

Recently in a press there were data that Ivan Krasko and his wife Natalia are thinking about children. The reason for the discussion was a quote of a famous actor. He did not rule out the possibility that it may once again become a father. The phrase is so scattered across the Network that Natalia and Ivan Ivanovich had to make an official statement that sheds light on the situation.

“I have to admit that the terminally ill, love to you, my good. Therefore caution you not to succumb to provocative statements in different media, they have one goal – profit. A scandal, a sensation and they have the ratings increase,” said Krasko.

In a recent interview, Natalie noted that her husband can throw some “sensational” phrase without thinking. While the beloved Krasko has no plans to become a mother. According to the wife of Ivan Ivanovich, the child is a big responsibility and not a cheap pleasure, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.