Julia Savicheva returned to the tour after giving birth

Юлия Савичева вернулась к гастролям после родов The singer delighted fans long-awaited appearance on stage. Julia Savicheva made in a place of entertainment, located in the Krasnodar region. The guests were delighted with the concert of graduates of the second season of “American idol”.
Юлия Савичева вернулась к гастролям после родов

This year, Julia Savicheva first became a mother. When the singer was in Portugal, she gave birth to a girl called Anna. After some time, the actress returned to Moscow and began to gradually return to work. Julia is working on a new program to surprise fans, and recently she launched the first tour.

Savicheva went to one of the establishments located in the English district of the Krasnodar territory. The artist has pleased fans of the long-awaited going on stage. The audience warmly accepted Julia and greeted her with thunderous applause. Viewers actively shared a video made that night in social networks. “Super”, “really cool”, “Lovely”, commented the Internet users.

Later Julia thanked everyone who came to listen to her. According to the singer, she is very excited to return to the concerts.

“That started my touring. Really missed you! How great I was greeted in the Krasnodar region, there was the premiere song and video for “Not afraid.” Thanks to everyone who was with me this evening! This is only the beginning of the fun ahead!” – promised the singer.

Fans supported amazing and expressed hope that it will arrive in their hometown. “Waiting for summer in Kazan,” “Come to Nizhny Novgorod”, “you look beautiful”, “good Luck”, “We missed you”, “well Done,” wrote members of the artist.

Earlier Yulia Savicheva has congratulated his fan club with an important date – he was 13 years old. In 2004 the singer took part in the international competition “Eurovision” with the English song “Believe me”, then the number of its fans increased significantly.

“God, how time flies. Quite recently we met for the first time. Very recently had a “contest”… well it happens: when an artist, musician or actor only appears, he was very popular, everywhere it photos and music. And then at some point it disappears. Often this is because the audience needs to grow along with the artist. I am very glad that all these 13 years you are with me. You know how much you mean to me,” said Julia.

Add that new clip Savicheva song “fear Not” dedicated to orphaned children. Julia decided to raise a topic, to draw public attention to kids who are without parental care. “The story told in the video – my personal call to perform actions, and not just reason,” he said. Yulia Savicheva: “In life there is nothing more important than children”