The star of “Guardians of the galaxy” gets divorced with his wife

Звезда «Стражей галактики» разводится с женой
Flirting with Jennifer Lawrence broke up the marriage of actor.

Chris Pratt with wife


As it became
you know, 38-year-old Chris Pratt, star of the franchise “Guardians of the galaxy” and his wife, 41-year-old Anna Faris filed a formal
a petition for divorce. According to reports, both spouses agree to the joint
custody of their son Jack. Dispute to the court for division of property is also not expected,
since the couple has a prenup. As for spousal maintenance,
none of the parties in his statement did not require their payment.

In short
speaking, it is expected quite a peaceful divorce process. The only fact,
which doesn’t fit into this almost idyllic picture is the fact that in
as a lawyer, to represent her in court, Anna hired
the famous Laura Wasser – a real shark of the legal world. But her
resort is usually only in the most problematic cases. So, Laura, for example, was represented by johnny Depp during his messy divorce with amber heard.

other things, that the couple decided to leave, it became known in August. However
fans of Chris was still hope that Pratt and his wife will be able to reconcile. But
now they decided to put an end to your marriage. What
for reasons of divorce, the statement both indicate the traditional “irreconcilable
contradictions”. Although, according to gossip, the cause of the crash of the marriage of Chris and Anna was flirting with him
26-year-old Jennifer Lawrence. With Jennifer actor
was found last year in the film “Passengers”. Between Pratt and Jennifer
then quickly struck up a warm relationship that grew into a novel. Rumors of this reached
Paris, and, as a result, 6-year-old actor’s marriage came to an end.

Recall: Chris and Anna met
in 2007, a wedding took place two years later in Bali. The only
the couple’s child, son Jack, was born in 2013. interestingly, in the beginning of their
marriage, Paris was considered a much more famous actor than Pratt.
However, after Chris has starred in “Guardians of the galaxy”, the balance of power in the family