“This is folly!” The fateful conversation widow Maranova decided his fate

«Это блажь!» Роковой разговор вдовы Марьянова решил его судьбу
Director of the rehabilitation center told about the death of the actor.

Dmitry Maryanov wife Xenia

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Oksana Bogdanova, Director of the center, where he spent his last days Dmitry Maryanov, unveiled new details of death of the actor. She stated that to accept an actor for rehabilitation pleaded with her to a well-known friend. Okay, so as a “treat” Maranova alcohol dependence asked free. According to Bogdanova, his wife Xenia had no money to pay for the services of the center. She agreed to Dmitry in the future become “a walking advertisement” of its private institutions. In need for Oksana circles many knew about the problems Maryanova. Accordingly, a positive result would have attracted new well-known customers. Bogdanov admits that the majority of patients of the center were representatives of the world of show business, in need of complete anonymity.

Two days have Maranova was allegedly seen remarkable progress. His problems have been associated with a life crisis: I wanted one but had to do more. But experts, according to the Director, quickly achieve the desired results. On the morning of the death of Dmitry asked the consultants that he called a chiropractor. Money to pay for his services at the wife of the actor was not. After talking with Ksenia, Bogdanov decided to refuse Marianowo in his request.

“He came in this morning not in a very good mood. It was Sunday – I was not in the center. Went to the consultants and said that he has a very sore back, and asked me to call his chiropractor. But you understand that in the centre there is a zone of sterility. And if a chiropractor will not do any of kaufusi from outside him, he can bring someone else — said Bogdanov. Again I contacted Xenia, spoke all my fears. Said to her: “to be honest, I’m against it”. She supported me: “Oksanochka, I’m against – it’s all folly!” Eventually the baby stopped insist – come dinner time, he ate and asked to be excused from activities. Said she really wants to sleep!”

After a rest Maryanov stood pale with falling pressure. And then it was already known to all events: call and cancel the ambulance trip to the hospital by private transport, verification of documents inspectors of GAI… to medical facilities Dmitri never made it. After the death of the actor Bogdanov met with Xenia. “I wanted to hug her and apologize, but she was cold and didn’t let me do that. I said to her, “Forgive me.” I want to create in the centre of the Museum of memory of Dmitry Marjanova!” — quoted Bogdanov Sobesednik.ru.

Recently, the artist would have turned 48 years old. On the day of his birth in the BIC Network left him a message: “Today you were born. The only. Forever. Forever. See you later, dear… goodbye…”