The widow of Oleg Yakovlev spoke about his illegitimate child

Вдова Олега Яковлева заговорила о его внебрачном ребенке Alexander Kutsevol commented on one of the last interviews of the singer. The widow of the late ex-soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev revealed details of his biography. Favorite female singer believes that it provoked.
Вдова Олега Яковлева заговорила о его внебрачном ребенке

At the end of December will mark six months since that day, I left the life of a famous musician, the former soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev. However, the passion around his name and not think to subside. Some concerned citizens continue to surprise fans of the late singer have never previously unpublished information about his personal life. In particular, it was stated that Oleg Yakovlev has illegitimate children, like every famous person is not deprived of love and attention lovely fans.

The widow of singer Alexandra Kutsevol admits that she is very annoying such statements made by people who haven’t been close to Oleg and too bad know it in order to tell when he was serious and when joking.

“Oh, it’s funny. It was an ordinary sitting on the bench, where he blurted out, they say, but there are children. He always jokingly said: “Yes, I have a bunch of kids across the country” because often asked this question — Oleg got tired of him. By the way, during that interview, she received a decent fee. Free does nothing. Therefore, earns Oleg,” said Alexander Kutsevol.

We are talking about publication in one of the publications interview with Oleg Yakovlev, which he allegedly gave shortly before his death. During a conversation with a journalist named Veronica Yakovlev replied affirmatively to her question about his possible successors. The singer did not deny that he has a child in St. Petersburg. He also said that is the owner of apartments in Russia and abroad. Their purchase was dictated by the desire of the musician to leave something behind to their relatives. But according to Kutsevol, while Oleg Yakovlev does not mean their children. Alexander gave to understand that the behavior of the journalist overstepped the bounds of decency. Oleg Yakovlev was hiding an illegitimate son

“She often flashes on the screen, introduced himself as a journalist, goes on a talk show makes money that way. I usually try not to respond to such things,” said Alexander Kutsevol.

And yet she tried to bring the girl to clean water, published its video of the conversation with Yakovlev, in which the narrator demands the reporter to stop chasing him and Alexander. After that conversation, Veronica disappeared from the life of Yakovlev and re-appeared on the horizon after his death, causing pain to the widow of the musician.

“As long as I can restrain myself. Released only video that it became clear who she is and whether or not to invite her to the talk show, – quotes Alexander Kutsevol “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. – It is too rich imagination, she lives it. Sadly”.