Сын Жанны Фриске считает, что его бабушка мертва His grandparents couldn’t believe what I heard. As it turned out, little Plato believes that his close chelovekami dead. Olga was not alone from words four year old boy.

For nearly three years after the death of the singer Zhanna Friske parents cannot come to an agreement with her civil husband Dmitry Shepelev. Grandma and grandpa want to regularly see my grandson Plato. Despite the fact that they got a court order, which determined the order of the meeting, the boy’s father finds any excuse to deny relatives.

Last time Vladimir and Olga Friske saw grandson in December. However, the words spoken four-year-old, threw them into shock. Jeanne’s parents were not easy to recount a conversation they had with the child. The son of Zhanna Friske refused the gift of the grandmother

“The first thing he said to me, “I was told that my grandmother Olga died:”… He went to the meeting with the words: “why do you have daddy take the house and money?” To which I replied: “the House is yours, Plato. And the money is yours. And no you did not take them,” recalled Olga.

Also, they noticed that the cottage in which he lives Shepelev with his son, on duty round the clock armed guards. Moreover, for the child, too, is under constant observation. As it turned out, dad had fastened to the body of the baby a special device.

“On the handle constantly listening device… what’s it called? Bracelet, Yes. The child is constantly nervous,” said Olga.

For some time parents and civil husband Friske argued over property. During the life of Jeanne Dmitry bought land and an unfinished mansion. The heirs could not come to agreement what part of real estate should move them by right. After a fruitless struggle, Olga and Vladimir Borisovich has decided to part with his shares in favor of the beloved grandson. Grandmother Plato has told in interview to TV channel “Moscow 24” that they do not pretend to the house – they are ready on everything to see the baby. The father of Zhanna Friske on the assessment of its property: “Flat to touch do not give!”

“Let them be there, let them live. And he’s not worried – no, this house won’t. Nobody wants it. Me, my family, you don’t need this house,” said the grandmother of Plato.]]