Дмитрий Маликов признался в избиении собственной жены The singer said in the Studio of “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi that raised a hand to his wife Helen. Once he came back drunk after his birthday. The wife of the artist didn’t like it.

The Studio program “the Destiny of man” Dmitry Malikov first told about how once hit his wife Helen, in marriage, with whom he has more than twenty years. Despite the fact that a couple of the singer and businesswoman consider samples-revealing, in their family were conflicts.

Elena reported in an interview that Dmitry over the years of marriage periodically fell into a depression and became aggressive. For example, after the celebration of his birthday the actor returned home in a deranged state.

“Come from work, the time hour of the night, Dima no, the phone is silent. An hour, two, three, it does not come. Suddenly finally comes the husband, out of the car, more precisely, its driver makes… All in glitter, lipstick. I attack him with his fists, and he answer’d kick the shit outta me…” Elena recalled in his memoirs.

Dmitri explained his actions. According to him, he didn’t want to beat his wife, just lost control of himself. In his opinion, such a situation should occur in any family.

“I celebrated my birthday, my friends pumped. Lena is a smart man. I said to her, “Well, it happens, sorry.” She podules a little, and then said: “fools do not take offense “, – said Malikov.

After the unfortunate incident the couple reconciled. Dmitry admitted that Elena always helped him in everything. The artist’s wife took the girls to his videos, give advice on how best to present to the public a particular song. According to Malikov, the wife not jealous of him to the famous beauty – sympathetic to the costs of the profession.

The singer recalled how he met with his future wife. He flipped through the photo album to a friends house. On one of the pictures he noticed the incredible beauty of the girl. The artist asked friends to arrange a meeting.

“When I met Lena, I immediately knew that she has a child, Olga. She studied in Austria for the first time, then came back and harmoniously joined our family. I became her friend,” – said Malikov.

The artist said that in their family most of the decisions it makes.

“In our family, the last word is always with me, and that word is: “whatever you say, dear!” smiled the musician.

During the program Malikov also said that he was proud of his daughter Stephanie. But not yet ready to become a grandfather. The heiress to the star family has no plans to soon marry, despite the fact that she has a boyfriend. According to Malikov, the girl learns actively performing on stage and recording their first songs. And not so long ago, when Stesha was 18 years old, Dmitry and Elena had given his daughter the best gift – a little brother.

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