Александр Домогаров ответил на обвинения в алкоголизме The actor outraged by the information spread by the media. Last week Domogarov said that faced with problems in the Mossovet Theatre, where he works. Many journalists have begun to suspect: he abuses alcohol.
Александр Домогаров ответил на обвинения в алкоголизме

Last week, Alexander Domogarov has told fans that he plans to leave the Mossovet Theatre. In addition, the movie star said about any misunderstanding with colleagues with whom he worked for many years. Theatre Director Valentin Pamfilova has denied this information, noting that the relations in the team normal and Domogarova was not fired.

The theater Director said offended Alexander Domogarova

A number of media began to associate the post of the indignation of the artist, which he soon removed, so that Alexander is abusing alcohol, so incoherent, and dramatically expresses thoughts.

“You read what you wanted to read. However, you may be confused, this is not the emotions. Some of you really wanted me to cooperate and to throw mud at the Mossovet Theatre. I refused. As for what I did, I got such a perfect and deep understanding of my stay in the theatre… Sorry, that did not live up to your expectations! Yes, and to drink something once was, I’m sorry, but if would suggest, with pleasure!” writes the actor on the personal page in a social network.

Further Domogarov quoted articles by journalists and commented on some proposals. So, it hurt that the majority of publications have linked the situation in the theater with his alcohol addiction. Some encouraged him to seek medical help. “Let’s lie down? Go through rehabilitation, or whatever it’s called? You know better,” replied the actor.

According to the artist, was given eight performances a week. Many times can not stand no man, suffering from alcoholism, says Domogarov. Soon Alexander going along with the troupe to present “the Cherry orchard” in other cities of Russia and abroad.

Loyal fans of the actor supported him. “Live happily, live as you like, do crazy things, love, hate but do it at 100, people are just very angry, jealous, and you just be who you are, don’t ever change, don’t roll over, don’t make excuses”, “Very beautiful answer to all involved, sticking his nose in someone else’s life,” wrote in the comments Domogarova.