The son of Vyacheslav Zaytsev was accused of wanting to cash in on the glory of the father

Сына Вячеслава Зайцева обвинили в желании нажиться на славе отца The heir of the designer hastened to comment on the situation. The man believes that it is discredited and deliberately tried to quarrel with Vyacheslav Zaitsev. The heir does not hide his emotions on this issue.
Сына Вячеслава Зайцева обвинили в желании нажиться на славе отца

Recently, it was reported that the only son of Vyacheslav Zaytsev tried to remove the 79-year-old father from the management of the business. The building that housed the fashion House famous designer, suddenly turned off the heating, and the problem with the utilities associated with desire Yegor to seize power in the company.

The man himself has decided to respond to the charges. He spoke harshly about the current situation in the social network.

“The goal of third parties is that of father and son to share, to inflate a scandal to discredit and bait me, as a sincere defender and only relative. Playing with them is perennial. In addition to flattery and cheating no matter what no longer capable. While we’re together – no one’s terrible,” said Yegor.

The heir of the designer said that the House of fashion in the near future will be heated. The problem appeared because suddenly formed debts for utilities. According to Yegor, the cause of the scandal is scheduled to release against him.

The heir Zaytsev insists that ordinary off heating caused such a stir because of the patronage from the top.

“We are struggling with debt on all legal fronts, repelling them solve disputes. But then such a setup, literally the knife in the back. Operation “slander” continues to gain momentum. But I do thank you all for the moral support,” – said Yegor.

Vyacheslav Zaytsev himself prefers not to comment on a scandalous situation. According to son, he loves his father and is ready to defend its interests. It is unknown whether managed relatives to resolve the conflict and to reconcile.

Zaitsev fans are unable to stay away from the situation. Many of them believe that the heir of a fashion designer is really not guilty of the charges against him. However, there were also those who shamed a man for wanting to cash in on the achievements of his father. “Your dad is a real treasure of Russia. Bend it, break – breaking Russian. Blasphemous”, “Patience for the whole family. If we are talking about pressure, then you will definitely cope with the problems”, “Hold on and don’t listen to the haters. The main thing that the father does not believe slander”, – commented on the scandal, members of the Egor.

The heir Zaitseva works as a fashion designer. He helps his father to develop a new collection, but produces a line of clothing under its own brand. Before the emergence of a conflict, the fans of the famous designer was sure he was able to raise a worthy successor.