Joseph and Nelly Kobzon celebrated a wedding anniversary

Иосиф и Нелли Кобзон с размахом отпраздновали годовщину свадьбы The singer staged a lavish feast for friends in the Palace of celebrations Safisa. Iosif Kobzon and his wife Nellie said on the eve of the beautiful date. Celebrated 46 years of their strong and happy family. The star couple have not stinted on luxury holiday on this occasion in one of the best restaurants in the capital.

Family of the Union of Joseph and Nelly Kobzon is considered one of the strongest and worthy of imitation. The couple already forty-six years of living in marriage, and never their pair never gave me reason to think that there may be disorder.

Yesterday, 3 November, the singer and his Muse had celebrated the anniversary of their wedding. In honor of the beautiful dates they gathered their guests in one of the most luxurious restaurants of Moscow, where people like to celebrate their holidays very wealthy people. Elegant hall of the Palace of celebrations Safisa was decorated with tons of flowers. Crimson, blue, pale pink plants to create a unique atmosphere.

Congratulate Nellie and Joseph Kobzon anniversary of family life came friends pair of Stas Mikhailov with his wife Inna, the Director Stanislav Govorukhin, Valentin and Marina Yudashkin, IDA Dustman, Alla werber, Igor Krutoy and his mother Svetlana Semenovna, Lev Leshchenko and other celebrities. The audience wished the newlyweds a long and happy life, love and health.

Guests of the festival were happy to share the pictures in their microblogs, so fans of the pair had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this magnificent event.

“Love the family of Kobzon”, – has signed one of the pictures the lawyer IDA Dustman. “Wedding day of Joseph and Nellie!”, “What wonderful people! A long and happy life,” joined in the congratulations of the members of the Network.

Entertained the audience with his unique vocals Stas Olivier and Rustam Shtar.

It is worth noting that in September this year Joseph Kobzon has celebrated its 80th anniversary. And it was my birthday, just forty-six years ago, he proposed to his girlfriend Nellie.

The wedding was scheduled for November 3. Their family life can not be called cloudless. In the early ‘ 80s, the couple had a serious conflict. Nelly learned that the husband had an affair on the side, and walked away from him. Nelly Kobzon about marriage: “some things I closed my eyes”

“Each men and women are some Hobbies of the situation. Moreover, if a person goes on tour for 9 months out of the year. I do not condone. I don’t have any particular philosophy on this matter. On some things I turned a blind eye in the name of family and children”, – said Kobzon wife Nellie in the film, which channel one made for the anniversary of Maestro.