Litigation Vadim Kazachenko with Olga Martynova turned into a new scandal

Судебные тяжбы Вадима Казаченко с Ольгой Мартыновой обернулись новым скандалом The former wife of musician ordered to pay him a large compensation. Olga said that shocked by such turn of Affairs. The marriage of Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti was invalid.

Vadim Kazachenko and his ex-wife Olga continue to litigate the arisen contradictions between them. A young woman claims that the famous musician refuses to acknowledge kinship with their son without child support. However, according to the musician, ex-lover trying to cash in on his popularity, and his well-being because of the coming lawsuits is deteriorating.

3 November held a hearing on the claims raised by the parties. In the end, the marriage of Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti was invalid. About this in his “Instagrame” said Katia Gordon.

However, the court also upheld the musician for the recovery of material resources with his ex-wife. Angered by Olga Kazachenko wrote an appeal to the ex-lover and stood in front of the camera with the son on hands.

“Vadim Kazachenko counted all of the money he transferred to my card until marriage, or accrued interest. The court upheld his claim, and now I have to pay Kazachenko million rubles. I hope he’s happy I did similar with me and your son”, – said Olga.

Fans of the young woman was shocked by the verdict. “How is it possible to make such a decision? It’s chaos”, “Serve apelyatsiyu and demand justice”, “Did he not want to communicate, to see such a beautiful child? Do not understand anything. Olga, hang on”,- shared the opinion of members Olga.

Irina Amanti was also quick to comment on the situation. Producer Kozachenko believes that justice was served, but the trial was hard for the musician, and it hurts. According to the woman, Vadim barely survived four court hearings.

“Low bow to you for your understanding. Special thanks to my beloved husband, I was able to live through this hell! Like I and the enemy does not want,” said Amanti.

Earlier Olga Kazachenko told me that could show the former spouse the photos of their son, but it’s not awakened in the man’s paternal feelings. A young woman is going to continue to fight for the rights.

Vadim Kazachenko publicly appealed to the former spouse

At the same time, Kozachenko insists that his version is the only true.. According to him, Olga gave birth to a son from another man, and with the help of litigation trying to attract attention. Recently a man said that he had experienced a mild heart attack and almost died due to regular stress. Despite health problems, Vadim continued to perform, but touring it is invariably accompanied by Irina Amanti.