Сын Татьяны Булановой попал в больницу из-за занозы
11-year-old boy already had the surgery.

Tatiana Bulanova


The younger son of Tatiana was in the hospital: reason for hospitalization was the pain, where 11-year-old Nikita
had to do the surgery. Now the boy is on a drip, the singer not
moving away from him. Phone Bulanov said 78.ru what happened.

According to the artist,
a month ago in the foot Nikita got a thorn. It immediately pulled, but after a while the injured place got infected and started to bother the boy. Bulanova
turned for help to doctors, who recommended to agree to
simple surgical intervention. Now the boy feels well. In
the hospital Nikita will stay a few more days, the doctors want to make sure that his health is out of danger.

Of course, the son of the singer upset that some time will not be able to do what you love football, love for which was instilled in him father, football player
Vladislav Radimov. By the way, despite the divorce, Bulanova managed
keep your ex-husband a great relationship. Radimov involved in the education of Nikita
and enjoy communicating with Tatiana.