Ivan Urgant told about the daughters

Иван Ургант рассказал о дочерях
TV presenter admitted that she loved Peppa pig and Harry Potter.

Иван Ургант рассказал о дочерях

Ivan Urgant


Ivan Urgant very rarely speaks about his personal life, but recently made an exception, telling you how and has three daughters:
18-year-old Eric, a 10-year-old Nina and 3-year-old Valeria. It turned out that the presenter knows everything that
going on with his girls. He knows all about the interests of their children and tries
view movies and cartoons and read books which are passionate about

“Recently in my life came from pigs. I understand that my
relatives in Israel now will forget my name, but it is. The youngest daughter
passionate stories about Peppa pig. Because there is daddy pig, and mummy
Pig, of course, Peppa and her younger brother George, my pet. George
the only sane person in this whole company, he has a normal name and
a chance to grow into something decent. In General, we now actively monitor
these adventures,” — said, in an interview Teleprogramma.pro.

Nina Urgant

The middle daughter, Nina, now reads books about Harry Potter. “In time of peace
serene, pre-war childhood the eldest of my two younger daughters now
rushed Harry Potter, — said the presenter. — Flew like a rocket from
address of the President to the Federal Assembly. As brightly suddenly and colored.
She reads quickly, devour these books. And I have to remember. I
my shame, “Harry Potter” did not read. I started to read, but not one that
age, or so I thought. Although I watched all the films, and I really
like me.”

In addition, Urgant told that girls are in fact
the age when they realize that their father is very popular. Ivan makes every
efforts to his children is not to brag in front of their peers. “I can cauterize it
all at once with a hot iron, they say: don’t you dare!” says showman.