Мэрайа Кэри о биполярном расстройстве в People

48-year-old Mariah Carey has become the heroine of the new issue of People magazine, in which he told about his illness — bipolar disorder. Diagnosed his star in 2001.

Мэрайа Кэри о биполярном расстройстве в People

After a nervous breakdown, the singer got the survey to the doctor, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. For a long time Cary couldn’t believe what was happening, so for professional assistance recently. “Until recently, I lived in isolation, denial and constant fear that someone else will expose. It was too heavy burden I had to bear. And at some point I realized that I could no longer do that. Then I asked for help and took a course of therapy. I surround myself with positive people and returned to what I love to do — began to write poetry and music,” she said.

In his instagram, the singer shared the cover of the new issue of the journal, signing it: “I’m Very glad to share with you part of my journey.”

At the moment, the singer continues to struggle with the disease and its symptoms by taking a special medication for bipolar disorder the second type, which is sometimes accompanied by depression and hypomania. “For a long time I believed that I have trouble sleeping. But it was not like the usual insomnia when you lay counting sheep. I worked all the time and was very irritable. I was afraid I’d let people down. It was like an addiction. I felt very lonely and felt guilty for not doing anything for his career. Now I take the meds so that you don’t feel tired or sluggish. Finding the right balance — that is very important,” said Cary.

Despite the bipolar, Mariah feels good, raising two children and enjoying the company of her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka. The last time paparazzi captured a couple on a date in a restaurant in Malibu. Noticeably thinner Mariah, after an operation to remove stomach, was wearing a black dress and Cape by Louis Vuitton. Your image of the singer complements the leather heels and a black bag. Brian for a date chose black jeans, longsleeve and a leather jacket-leather biker jacket, and his white sneakers literally blinded photographers.

Lovers do not have to hide from the paparazzi. They held hands and waved to the photographers, smiling sweetly. The pair went to the black car. Where the guys left is not clear.