The son of Sergey Zverev married a second time

Сын Сергея Зверева женится во второй раз Heir of the famous stylist told me that his heart is no longer free. However, Sergey Zverev-senior with his chosen one is not familiar. Now relatives talk very rarely because of long-standing quarrels.
Сын Сергея Зверева женится во второй раз

The son of Sergey Zverev rarely communicates with the press. The young man has nothing to show business. Now he lives on the outskirts of Kolomna, working as a laborer at the hotel. Heir stylist became the hero of the program “You would not believe”, where in a short interview he spoke about his personal life and modest earnings.

“Yes, my heart is not free. I’m Dating a girl, she works as a receptionist in hotel. Dad and her have never been introduced, if not yet provided. Why would you want to do”, – said Sergei Zverev, Jr.

Beloved older star heir for several years, but the age difference did not hinder the development of relations. The girl Sergei did not speak with reporters and did not want to appear in the frame.

The young man does not hide that in Moscow is very rare. With a stellar father he is seen from time to time. However, Sergei is not complaining about his modest life. The hotel, according to Zverev, Jr., he paid about thirty thousand roubles. This amount is enough for food and paying for utilities.

Sam the stylist tries not to discuss the life of the heir. He confirmed that talks with his son, but his new passion is not familiar.

“He has lots of girlfriends, not to meet me with each. No one needs,” said Zverev.

The rift between father and son occurred after the young man decided to marry a waitress. Stylist was unhappy with the choice of heir, but could not prevent the marriage. “I began to call strangers, ask why I made this wedding. They argued that the choice of the Ann is a woman of easy virtue. Of course, he didn’t believe me, the engagement break up,” – said Zverev.

The marriage of the son of star stylist didn’t last six months. Now, however, the young man tries not to reminisce about the past. He did not comment on relationship with a former lover, but admits that their Union has not yet officially terminated.

Later a young man appeared in the program “the Stars aligned”. It turned out, in the personal life of a young man big changes are coming. He is going to marry his sweetheart Julia. She also appeared in the Studio. She stated that is not familiar with the star stylist.

He Zverev, Jr. still has not divorced the first wife, but plans to go to the registry office with a new bride.

“Numbers 20-21 are going to submit an application to the Registrar. While the relationship is not formalized, but we have big plans for the future,” said the son of a stylist.

Sergei Zverev, Jr. doesn’t want to have anything to do with the world of show business. In Kolomna about the famous relative of a young man many do not know, and he is quite satisfied with a modest life without public attention.