Tatyana Ovsienko’s afraid the groom will return to his former wife and children

Татьяна Овсиенко боится, что жених вернется к бывшей супруге и детям The actress was the guest of the program “New Russian sensations”. She talked about the difficulties in communicating with loved ones, and also about our fears. Ovsienko often think about the fact that Alexander can escape.
Татьяна Овсиенко боится, что жених вернется к бывшей супруге и детям

Tatiana Ovsienko and Alexander Merkulov have been together for several years. The singer has not abandoned the beloved even after he was arrested and sent to prison. After the return of the men, the star started planning the wedding.

Beloved Tatyana Ovsienko confesses in the cave before the wedding

In the program “New Russian sensations” Ovsienko admitted that sometimes overcome her fears concerning the relations with her lover.

“Sasha really wants me to meet his children from a previous relationship, but I’m not ready yet. My mom is freaking out, says Sasha is often seen with children leaving for many hours. Afraid he might want to return to that family. I say, “Let her stay with them if he wants.” And then I begin to torment the nightmares that he’s gone, he left me again or ended up in jail. Wake up in horror,” he told the actress.

Now Tatiana tries to have all the free time to spend near the beloved. Alexander really loves children from his first marriage, but away from Ovsiyenko not going to. The man admitted that wants to meet with her old age.

For the sake of relations with the beloved star had to sacrifice. According to Tatyana, her career was nearly derailed, many friends from the world of show business and refused to communicate with her. Now she often speaks and does not intend to leave the scene.

In mid-July Ovsienko showed the fans a wedding ring. The artist confirms that it is preparing for a magnificent wedding celebration, picks up the dress. Also, the woman optimistic about the future and hopes to give the chosen child.

Tatiana Ovsiyenko: “Sasha offers to find us a surrogate”

“Like, of course, a girl. Although I would be happy boy or a girl. I’m very short in the life of this child of heat, because the man needs someone to take care of. Of course, terrible. I am now 50 years until the face, until the baby grows up. Time for motherhood remained not so much,” shared the star.

Now Tatiana and Alexander try not to remember those terrible years when among them were prison bars. Fans are sure that after experienced trials of Ovsiyenko has earned the right to be really happy in his personal life.