The son of Nikita Dzhigurda was involved in a mass brawl

Сына Никиты Джигурды вовлекли в массовую драку The actor said, why are they with the wife had to transfer children to another school in France. According to Dzhigurda, Angele-Crist became a party to the conflict with the brother of one of the girls and went to fight with the crowd of guys.

The last few weeks, Nikita Dzhigurda is resting with family in Greece. The actor told reporters that they have a great time. According to the flamboyant artist, he tries to conceive with Marina Anisina those of the third child.

“She did not refuse, but has not yet been obtained. And love her we need passionate, energetic, yet gentle,” said Dzhigurda.

Talking about family life, Nikita open up about the success of children. Angel-Krist and eve are studying in one of the French schools, but the mother did not allow them to speak at home in a foreign language. The daughter of artist in tennis, and his son – karate. Recently, however, the heirs of the actor was forced to change school.

“At recess there was a fight, my son stood up for the girl. They played together, walked her brother says, “stay away from my sisters.” My were his teeth, but did not give up. Went to fight against five, and then his friend pulled up. Mom was called to the school Director. But I said, “Boy, you’re right.” In General as admissible to an elite school, two boys got into a fight with five peers, and teachers didn’t see? And Marina decided to send their children to another school. It is less pay, it’s closer to the house and to the rink where Marina coached figure skaters,” explained Nikita journalists.

According to some, the actor openly communicating with children and explains to them what is the other world and why they are gods. Antonina Savrasov, a family friend and former Director of the artist, says that she saw a son and a daughter were present at the rituals Dzhigurda. Besides, recently Anisina had to change a nanny for heirs, as the previous is tired of their antics.

Nikita Dzhigurda staged a mystery in the eyes of children

“I am worried that Nikita in the eyes of the children mysteries of the suits on a background of skulls, statues of the Buddha. He tells the children about the afterlife, about the death of Lucy Bratash. Marina shared with me that angel close to my heart accepts these conversations. This winter the boy tried, apparently, for the sake of mischief, to jump from the window. It was in their house in France. The child stopped the nurse: “where are You going?! It’s dangerous!” Angele explained that he is not afraid of death, because the Pope is not telling him: there’s still the other world… While Nikita is on the contrary had to warn the children of such actions!” – the woman shared with journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.