Алексей Куличков расстался с женой после 12 лет брака Former presenter of TNT “Taxi”, sold with Latsinou, who gave him two charming sons. The couple wanted to save his family, but their attempts were not crowned with success. Despite the divorce, Alexey Kulichkov continues to see the children and gives them all the free time.
Алексей Куличков расстался с женой после 12 лет брака

As it became known “StarHit”, 41-year-old actor and TV presenter Alexey Kulichkov has split up with his wife Lacanau after twelve years of marriage.

Last week in judicial district altufievsky district held a divorce the star of the show “Taxi”. Problems in a relationship the couple started long ago. However, Alex and Latina parted without quarrels and scandals. Moreover, the former beloved decided to keep a good relationship.

“They tried to save the marriage, but unfortunately, nothing happened – says the “StarHit” Vladimir, a friend of the family. – Recently decided to put the final point. But despite serious step, remained friends.”
Алексей Куличков расстался с женой после 12 лет брака

Alex and Lacina continue to work together to raise two sons Jaromir, and proud. Kulichkov sincerely proud of the success of the heirs and often puts their photos on social networks. Fans know that Kulichkov – loving father, who tries to devote all free time to their children. “Thank you Universe and, of course, their mom over these two adorable and smart boys!” – signed one of the pictures the presenter.

According to a friend Kulichkova, he regularly comes up with new entertainment for the heirs. Jaromir Gordey and often made trips with his father. A man tries to be in touch with the children and wondered how they’re doing. So the boys did not even feel that their parents split up.

“He’s always somewhere taking children, – continues Vladimir. In the zoo, then to the shooting gallery in an amusement Park. Calls at least once a day, wondered how they have their health or what to buy toys. Actually the boys don’t even feel that my parents had disagreements. Now the guys a break, they rest on the sea. Alex can’t wait when I get back!”

Recall that before former presenter of the program “the Taxi” Alexey Kulichkov has proposed Lezyne, they had known each other for ten years. Lovers have decided to legalize the relationship after a trip to Turkey. According to the artist, he promised the second half to take her to the registry office, if she will give birth to a son. It happened, however, love failed to save the marriage. In interviews Kulichkov said that is a fairly strict father, and tries to educate the heirs in an adult. Traces of former glory: where the missing leading “Taxi”, Ivan Dorn and others