Победитель «Битвы экстрасенсов» Свами Даши провел выходные с ведьмой Darius Voskoboeva shared the frame with a spiritual practitioner. Apparently, after the project, the finalists continued to communicate closely. Fans enthusiastically embraced the joint stars of the seventeenth season of transmission.
Победитель «Битвы экстрасенсов» Свами Даши провел выходные с ведьмой

On the personal page of Daria Voskoboeva, finalist, “the battle of psychics” there was a picture in which she is depicted in the company of Swami Dashi. The founder of the school “Spirit-Soul-Body” and the witch of St. Petersburg look very happy and satisfied. After the project the winner of the seventeenth season, and his rival was close.

“Friendship is the strongest – this is a unique time, especially when your friend is a wolf”, signed frame with Swami Voskoboeva, indicating a hashtag that they met this weekend.

Subscribers showy brunettes have mentioned that Dasha had aged a little, but did not lose his inherent charisma. By the way, a former member of the mystical show for a reason called a colleague a wolf. Spiritual practices shot for the 2018 calendar year, which is called “I am wolf”. On the page of each month depicts a predator and written philosophical sayings of the winner of the seventeenth season.

Swami promises to arrange training in Moscow in September of this year. The summer male has pleased its fans by releasing a book, “Rebirth”. In it, he openly talked about the period of starvation, alcoholism and a terrible car accident that changed his life. Swami Dashi admitted how to overcome alcohol addiction

Победитель «Битвы экстрасенсов» Свами Даши провел выходные с ведьмой

In turn, Voskoboeva gives private sessions. During the personal interviews she is trying to help people look at the world. On the eve of the full moon Darius left the post-a warning to fans, urging them to be careful.

Победитель «Битвы экстрасенсов» Свами Даши провел выходные с ведьмой“Try this time not to go far, not to start the important things and not make alliances, both in personal life and in business. This time, that would get rid of the junk, that weighs. Summarize, and begin to live a new life!” – wrote Darius.

She Voskoboeva admitted to “StarHit” that is hard to understand how to operate equipment, Dasha Swami who lived for many years in Tibet. The witch continues to learn something new and develop skills. Finalist of the “battle of the psychics” Daria Voskoboeva: “Children are proud of me.”

“Magic is my life. Even the vacation – mode “pereklichka”. I’m writing a book, designed clothes for people who have some kind of magical abilities. If I’m tired from something, others do,” said Darius before the finale of the seventeenth “the battle of psychics”.