Psychic Diana, Princess of Wales opened the details of communication with her after death

Экстрасенс принцессы Дианы открыла подробности общения с ней после смерти Psychic was very friendly with the representative of the Royal family. According to Simone Simmons, and lady Di is still coming to you from the other world, although it’s been 20 years since a woman died in a car accident.
Экстрасенс принцессы Дианы открыла подробности общения с ней после смерти

Clairvoyant healer Simone Simmons was very friendly with Princess Diana. Psychic and lady Di met in 1993 in the clinic of alternative medicine. Gradually, the wife of Prince Charles, began to trust a woman of many secrets, and she often stayed at Kensington Palace. They could communicate with each other 10 hours a day. Simmons knew a lot of details about private life of the representatives of the Royal family.

In an interview with foreign journalists, Simon said that even after the death of Diana comes to her from the afterlife. A psychic reported that the lost Princess has approved the choice of the wife of Prince William.

“Katherine is the perfect party for William. She is very satisfied with the daughter-in-law. However, before Diana was worried that Kate was too skinny, but now everything is great,” said a friend of Diana.

In turn, Simmons claims that the Princess was dissatisfied with the beloved second son, Prince Harry. He meets with a divorced American actress Meghan Markle.

“She told me that she wants Harry was with a woman, you can rely on, because it is very sensitive and vulnerable young man. He had many loves, but to keep it easy. Some time ago Diane called me the name of that girl who was perfect for him. Di told me that Harry knew immediately that his girlfriend was the one. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work because his fiancee are unable to withstand pressure from his family and high public attention”, – transferred words of the deceased clairvoyant.

Simmons, released several books about Princess Diana, was aware and her novels. According to the psychic, lady Di was never in love with billionaire Dodi al-Fayed, who also died in the fatal crash with her.

“Men like Dodi, I never was attracted to Diana. I’m sure between them was nothing serious,” said Simon.

According to the healer, quite different from the relationship Diana had with heart surgeon Hantom Khan. According to Simmons, the Princess loved the man, because he was smart and caring. However, they never managed to create a family, although lady Di was ready. The couple broke up.

Until the end of his days, the representative of the Royal family felt warm feelings towards Prince Charles, despite the fact that they were already divorced. Simon believes that their life could have been different if Diana was a little older when I got married. Prince Charles with a shudder recalls the years of “tragic” marriage with Diana

“She loved Charles until his death. Of course, Diana was angry at him but never stopped loving. After the disorder with Hasnita she even suggested that their former spouse has all the chances for a reunion. However, Camille wouldn’t have allowed it. In 1996, Diana asked Charles to “make Parker Bowles honest woman” and marry her” – said Simon.