Сын Марии Шукшиной изменился до неузнаваемости после ДНК-теста More than half a year the whole country watched the scandalous history of the son of Mary Shukshina and Freya Zilber, who gave birth to his child. Yesterday, the paternity confirmed by a DNA test. But despite this, the young father refuses to communicate with his ex-girlfriend and baby.
Сын Марии Шукшиной изменился до неузнаваемости после ДНК-теста

Freya silber once again became the main heroine of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”. In April she gave birth to a grandson of Maria Shukshina, Mark Adam. The father of the child was the son of actress Makar Kasatkin.

A few months Zilber tried to reach the famous dynasty, wishing, Mary Makar, and Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin has recognized her son and helped financially. July 3, Maria Shukshina told the fans that her son passed the examination of DNA, which confirmed – he is Mark’s father Adam.

“That’s finally all cleared up. For all friends, enemies, and just curious: we have just received the results of genetic examination (DNA), held in a Federal institution of medical. We do not like to be unfounded and redundant, we were waiting for the facts. The result showed that our child. And we are very happy ! Alimony Macarena in the manner prescribed by law will be paid regularly. Moreover, we would want a child brought up in our family, but it is only in the case that the mother of the child she will give us it. In our country all the rights on the mother’s side,” shared Maria.

However, the Makarov remains unwilling to maintain a relationship with former lover and their newborn son. Young father avoids contact with journalists, the guy says his lawyer. Amazing became, and how much changed son of the actress – in a short time he gained a few dozen pounds and very stout.

“He just looked at me. He’s got his eyes on the floor, stepped at the corners. I don’t know what happened to him. I just hope he’s okay”, said Freya, Recalling a meeting with Makar.
Сын Марии Шукшиной изменился до неузнаваемости после ДНК-теста
Сын Марии Шукшиной изменился до неузнаваемости после ДНК-теста

Makar was very restrained when he met ex-lover in the forensic center. The young father was silent, not answering journalists ‘ questions whether he is going to help newborn son.

In the Studio of the lawyer silber reiterated the results of the DNA test for her newborn child, and Makara. Previously Instagram did Maria Shukshina, the final results of the analysis showed that Makar Kasatkin – Mark’s father-Adam silber. Now the young dad in law have to pay child support.

Sister Maria Shukshina Olga, glad news. According to her, she was sure Zilber really gave birth to her nephew.

“Our family has arrived! It is a great happiness!” – said Olga.

Freya herself has admitted it has no plans to tie himself and newborn son dynasty Shukshina. A young mother said that from the famous clan she needs alimony.

“I don’t need in your family, I alimony that is enough,” said silber.