Карина Мишулина устроила потасовку перед зданием суда Recently, Karina Mishulina came to court to prevent the illegitimate son of her father to replicate his photographs with his father. The building of the actress and her husband are faced with a journalist, who hastened to ask the pair some questions. The result was a fight – Karina punched a reporter in the face, and Ivan Korobov grabbed the offender by the throat.
Карина Мишулина устроила потасовку перед зданием суда

The story of the illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina seemed to have crammed on edge, however, journalists continue to constantly monitor family conflict. So, one of the correspondents recently came under the hot hand of Mishulin Karina and her husband. Met a couple outside the court, the journalist tried to ask a few questions, which led to the brawl – Ivan Korobov grabbed curious reporter by the throat, and the actress hit him in the face.

“My wife left alone and never more to it do not come, do you understand me?” – addressed Boxes to the reporter.

The bailiff tried to stop the fight, and soon she and Karina, seeing the relieving chamber, began to persuade her husband to leave the offender alone.

“What are you hitting him like that” – not appeased the husband of the actress.
Карина Мишулина устроила потасовку перед зданием суда

Experts in the Studio “Let them talk” was outraged by the behavior Korobov. However, there were also those who sided with the men – in their opinion, he was just protecting the people close to him, even this way.

His fists did not help of Mishulin win the case – her claim on the prohibition of the demonstration photos, which depicted Timur Eremeev in childhood with Spartak Mishulin in the Carlson suit, was rejected. Judges recognized the authenticity of this frame, which was not touched in any image editor.

“Spartak Vasilyevich openly posed and gave his consent to this picture. What would have happened if we’d lost – first, would have sought a certain amount of money. They wanted to withdraw from Timur and all the carriers that be personal value, and to prohibit the use of this photo in the future,” said attorney Victoria Eremeeva Krylov.
Карина Мишулина устроила потасовку перед зданием суда

In the complicated case of establishing the relationship Karina and Timur was implicated another man – Eduard Sorokin. His father was born out of wedlock, but during the life of his Mishulin admitted. Grandson who takes an active part in the dispute between the relatives, said that he has become known for sensational details – the wedding Spartak Vasilyevich and his grandmother was still.

Карина Мишулина устроила потасовку перед зданием суда“A little digging in the archives, we found some documents, which showed that Spartacus was married to my grandmother. They had a wedding. My wife and I were interested in this aspect and began to walk through the Registrar. But have found there marriage certificate. But the absence of a document does not mean that marriage was not. It could just be lost. Perhaps, even divorce was not”, – said Sorokin.

Lawyer Victoria Krylov explained that if this is the case, then by law the second marriage, that is with Valentina Konstantinovna, mother Karina is considered invalid. Thus, it is possible, the actress herself is the illegitimate daughter of Spartaka Mishulina.

Karina Mishulina explained why the exhumation of the body of the father is impossible