Театр Олега Табакова сменит название The famous “Snuff-box” will soon officially change its name to “the Theater of Oleg Tabakov”. This decision was made artistic Director Vladimir Mashkov. The changes will affect not only the names but also the logo and the building – auditorium, canteen, foyer and closet.
Театр Олега Табакова сменит название

After that, Vladimir Mashkov became the artistic Director of “Snuff”, many fans let out a sigh of relief. After all we are talking about a favorite student of the late Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov, who, in their opinion, could improve the theater, while maintaining its traditions.

Mashkov was not to defer the changes indefinitely, and after a couple of months after the funeral, Tabakov said about the cancellation of the school name of the late national artist. This, according to him, it was necessary to modernize the curriculum.

Vladimir Mashkov refused pupils of Oleg Tabakov

Now the management of the theatre “Tabakerka” decided to change its name.

“Name “Moscow Theatre-Studio under the direction of Oleg Tabakov” is changed. The theater, which now bears the name of its founder, called “the Theatre of Oleg Tabakov”, in this connection, will gain a new logo,” explained the press service of the cultural institutions.
Театр Олега Табакова сменит название

According to representatives of theatre, the new name will perpetuate the memory of the illustrious artist. The changes will affect not only the logo and name of the cultural institution with 30 years of history, but the building is now the theatre.

In the legendary house on Sukharev square already working designers and builders. The idea Mashkov, touched by modernization of the auditorium, canteen, foyer and dressing area.

“The changes that will happen in the building at Sukharevskaya and Chaplygin – an objective necessity. It’s not really a repair. Rather, modernization and the creation of a totally unique theatrical space. I am sure that in the fall, we will surprise and please a considerable number of surprises and innovations,” – said Mashkov.

According to artistic Director, in the new season the theater will surprise their fans. Make sure that the audience can have 4 Sep – the day updated “Theater of Oleg Tabakov” will open the doors to the audience and presents the play “Wolves and sheep”.

The widow of Oleg Tabakov came to the defense of Vladimir Mashkov

The team does not deny that it was the most difficult season in the history of “Snuff”. After March 12, on 83-m to year of life died Oleg Pavlovich, the troupe had to quickly address the many issues concerning the further future of the cultural institutions.

Despite all these difficulties, the actors played five Premier and closed the theatrical season in the period – 1 July.

Communicating with TASS, Vladimir Mashkov noted that all initiated changes are to benefit the projects Tabakov. The actor is not going to give up drama school Oleg Pavlovich. The artist intends to resume recruitment to the school as soon as will understand with all nuances of management. And while the most talented of recent graduates of the Theatre school theatre settled into “Snuff”, where they were invited to play for the next season.