The son of Fyodor Bondarchuk broke the nose of his wife

Сын Федора Бондарчука сломал нос своей супруге

Tata Bondarchuk in his microblog on the popular network Instagram shared a “story” with their fans, which showed his broken nose. The incident occurred at night when in a dream Sergei Bondarchuk — the son of a famous actor Fyodor Bondarchuk — broke wife’s nose.

Tata has published “story” in your profile, where she photographed the incident, leaving the signature “I am a Georgian. I put the hump.”. The wife of the younger Bondarchuk were red and swollen nose. The girl reacted to the occasion with humor. “When the husband is a lunatic breaks in a dream nose.” Supergo Tata suffers from sleepwalking, so for his actions during sleep is not responding.

I hope that beautiful face Tats to heal her birthday, which will take place on the 15th of this month. Already the second year, the couple celebrates her birthday in hot Spain. Recall that last holiday Tatianna came to congratulate Fedor Bondarchuk with his beloved fiancee Paulina Andreeva, who is very good friends with young grandchildren.

In the history of the life of the son of Bondarchuk has not done a simple trick in a state of sleepwalking. Sergei was not just a participant in these fights. In 2008, the press reported that the guy became a member of the fight in one of Moscow clubs, where he beat the tennis player Marat Safin. Because of his injuries, he had to abandon the ledge at the event. The following year, on holiday in Sochi, the younger Bondarchuk beat passing by the man, explaining that he did not look at him. The next day there was a fight in the restaurant.

The couple has been married for a full five years, during which they had two children, Vera and Margaret. To celebrate the wooden wedding, the couple threw a Grand party at which invited close relatives.