Victoria Makarska asks to pray for the health of her children

Виктория Макарская просит молиться за здоровье ее детей The artist asked for spiritual support from the fans. She said that the whole family came down with a sore throat. Fans wish the star couple and their heirs for a speedy recovery and longevity.

Victoria and Anton Makarsky often turn to the fans for advice or support. This time the star family has forced fans to worry, because the artists told about the illness that overtook their children.

Victoria posted on Instagram, urging concerned followers to pray for her children. The young woman did not tell me how long ill star, the heirs, and what is their feeling now.

“Family, please pray for me (R. B Alexander was baptized), my sister (baptized Kallista R. B), Masha and Vanya! Angina” – shared problem Makarska.

Fans were quick to write words of encouragement and some even offered to traditional treatments. “Drink plenty of fluids, and in the future, do not forget about vitamin complexes. Angina — a disease of insidious”, “get Well soon. Will pray for you”, “Also recently suffered from this problem for the whole family. Vika, don’t worry, the immunity would survive,” wrote the fans of the star couple.

Victoria and Anton often share photos of children, telling about their successes. The couple have repeatedly recognized that the appearance of a long awaited baby changed their lives and characters.

“Love for your children makes a person even begin to think about God and the meaning of life on earth. Filled with Love, the soul knows that death is not, despite all the arguments of our mind” – had previously told Victoria.

Recall that the couple have been together for almost twenty years. They could not have children, but in 2012 was born the daughter Masha. A little later, Victoria gave the wife a son, Ivan.

For many fans, the family of Makarska is the reference. Fans believe that the relationship Victoria and Anton, there is complete idyll, but their parent qualities can only envy. That is why the star couple are frequently asked questions about the proper upbringing of the heirs.

Victoria and Anton are happy to share secrets of family happiness, do not forget to ask tips and fans. Since Makarska are deeply religious people, they are from an early age children are taught to respect religion.

A few months ago, the network appeared the information that the couple had a big fight. Victoria Makarska spoke about the crisis in relations with the husband

However, their numerous joint appearances and touching posts on Instagram best way to prove the family idyll.