Кейтлин Дженнер случайно одела кепку в поддержку Трампа

Amerikanska TV star and former Olympic champion Caitlin Jenner apologizes to all the transgender community, because the other day wore a baseball cap with the words “Make America great again” in support of the current President of America Donald trump.

Кейтлин Дженнер случайно одела кепку в поддержку Трампа

67-year-old Jenner has given the hot topic of gossip, caught in the lenses of the paparazzi in a red cap, on which was written a syllable in support of trump’s “Make America great again”. Online immediately news broke that the star is a hypocrite with his fans, because she spoke out against trump, who vypustit ban on transgender service in the military. Jenner is an avid respublikanska, which last week opposed the ban.

Caitlin hastened to dispel the rumors and apologize to the fans and the whole Comunal transgender, “I apologize to the whole TRANS-community,” says Jenner. “I made a mistake. I will never do it again and get rid of the ill-fated cap.”

Кейтлин Дженнер случайно одела кепку в поддержку Трампа

As reported by Jenner, she left the house in Malibu that would ride to Sherwood Country Club, Thousand Oaks, California. But as soon as she left his house, I realized that she would need a hat for protection from the sun while she will be riding in his sports car Austin-Healey 1960. Digging in the nearest pile of hats, lying in her wardrobe, she grabbed the first populous cap, not noticing the white lettering. Before playing Golf at the club, the star removed the cap. And only after an hour of playing Golf, sitting in the car going home, Caitlin noticed that the inscription “MAGA”.

But then things only got worse. Caitlin decided to go for a Cup of coffee at cafe chain Starbucks, on the way replacing red hat with white lettering on the hood of the Golf course. But Jenner again changed the cap, because she had to protect from the sun hair. Once home, the TV star noticed that he had forgotten in the café, her purse and immediately went after her. She didn’t notice that still bears on his head the cap.

Going home for the second time, Jenner did not rush to remove the cap, because they thought that nobody would notice. But nosy paparazzi still took a couple of photos that spread all over the Internet.

Jenner promised that will get rid of the caps. She’s going to sell it at auction and give the proceeds to donate to the needs transgendered community. As Caitlin said, she may just tear it and burn.

Fans of Kathleen Jenner support what she is doing for the transgender community. “For two years, I met the most inspiring transgender, and I want to show an amazing resilience and perseverance of the community against the huge discrimination and hatred,” — said in support of the TRANS-municipalities Caitlin. “We are strong, we’re beautiful and we will win. The President must ask ourselves which side of history he’ll choose — and to change its position immediately.”

“15 thousand American transgender members of the army and 134 thousand veterans are much braver than you, Mr. trump; I am loyal to them and to our country, but not you.”