The son of Elena Yakovleva stood up for mom

Сын Елены Яковлевой заступился за маму
The actress has dispelled rumors of a feud with sister-in-law.

Elena Yakovleva son Denis

Photo: Philip Goncharov

In July of this year it became known that the son of Elena Yakovleva, Denis said goodbye to barchelor life. The heir of the actress married his beloved Victoria, a graduate of the Institute of journalism and literary creativity. The pair abandoned the traditional attributes of the wedding appeared in the registry office in ordinary everyday clothes. Immediately after that, the Network appeared information about the fact that Elena has ignored an important event in the life of the son due to the fact that, allegedly, does not approve of his son’s choice.

It turned out that Elena is in a perfect relationship with his daughter. She comments on Margarita as a good, smart and kind girl. The couple live together in an apartment that my parents gave to Denis for his 18th birthday. The actress admitted that “works” in the press about the quarrels with her son and daughter-in-law forced to worry much her entire family.

Elena told how after the wedding the son read in the press that his tattoo result “nedolyublennosti”. Yakovlev branded a “bad mother” than Denis was terribly outraged. He even wanted to sue their offenders, but Helena dissuaded him from this venture.

“Write what you want! I read much worse fiction: I was at a wedding that I’m a bad mother, and the tattoos only make nedolyublennosti children. Denis Victoria, unfortunately, is also read. The son protested: “Mom, where is this? With impunity why write a lie?” I said, ” We can only sue, but whether such a fuss?” Denis said,” I’m sorry to read this. Everyone loved the way you loved me!” Thank you son for the kind words” — quoted Yakovlev